Wednesday, February 19, 2014

WIAW #23: Rest Day/Meatless Monday

Oh Wednesday, my favorite day of the week. It is time to share my yummy eats from Wednesday Monday and take some time to review all of your meals! I love getting new ideas for my weekly meal plan.

As usual, thanks for hosting Jenn!

Notice I didn't workout first? I did 7 miles on Sunday after leg work on Saturday. Monday was a much needed rest day.

Monday I was back at school and AR was back in town. I started the morning with a favorite of mine: egg white french toast. Served with coffee, banana, and strawberries.
I make this with one and a half slices of wheat bread, one whole egg, and one egg white. It is the perfect start to the week.

Snack during Law & Econ class: A Whole Foods 365 strawberry bar. I just picked these up on Sunday as something new to try. Verdict: so yummy and fruity tasting.

Yes, I morning snack. I know people say I should give this up, but I rarely skip it. Do you eat a morning snack or wait until lunch?

Lunch: Salad with cucumber, carrots, super greens, and sriracha salmon (leftover from the weekend). I also had a plain greek yogurt with a bit of strawberry granola.

AR got me this cup... how cute is it?
Snack: decaf chai tea with a splash of almond milk and a warm slice of cornbread.

No Caffeine after noon: I LOVE decaf tea. I am trying to leave the caffeine to morning time. Afternoon/evening tea is becoming a ritual. 

Dinner: It was meatless monday, so I stuck with our recent favorite of spaghetti squash. I used a recipe for spaghetti squash mac & cheese, with steamed broccoli and cauliflower, sliced orange, and some more cornbread. I liked the flavor, but the texture of the sauce wasn't my favorite... I am going to play with it a little bit. We did eat all of it, so it wasn't bad!

Fact: I was a vegetarian for years, but not eat fish and poultry. Why? Because I wanted to move away from overly restrictive eating. I also moved to Texas, which was not very veggie-friendly ;) 

Sweet treat: AR and I shared a cookie before bed while looking at my taxes. Clearly I was stress eating. :)



  1. I did meatless Monday too! Loving all these eats. I rarely have a snack in between breakfast and lunch but I don't think there's anything wrong with having one. The french toast looks DELISH!

    1. So glad you do meatless Monday too! Thanks for reading :)


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