Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Confessionals

Hello & Happy Friday (thank god). It's Friday and I thought I would join Leslie at A Blonde Ambition for some good old fashion confessions.

1. I confess that I have worked a total of two full days this week (Today will make three), and I am over it. It is that time of year when kids go crazy in the classroom. Fellow school teachers out there, I raise my glass to you.

2. I confess that I did not follow my "salad a day" motto during my trip to London. In fact, I often counted quiche as a vegetable. I even found my self asking "is an apricot pastry a fruit?". Which is why I am eating like this right now:
Can I earn back veggie servings?
3. I confess that I am ridiculously excited to see my bf this weekend. Seriously, being in such different times zones and so far apart was hard! I can't wait to see him after work today.

4. I confess that I am not wearing my school colors for "wear a college shirt to work day" today. I am rocking my man's alma mater instead, because lets be real: The SEC is more fun than my liberal arts degree.

Have a happy Friday!


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