Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Review

As a way to close 2013, I wanted to write down all the highlights of the year, month by month.
My first MARATHON! AR & I ran the Houston Marathon in January, after months of training. It rained/hailed the entire race, but I left saying "I cannot wait for my next one" :)
I started hearing back from law schools. I had not told any one but family and AR that I was applying at this point. It was so exciting, but also hard to keep to myself!
I ran my first 10k (Yes, I know, wrong order), in 48:23 and felt pretty proud of myself. Yay for first in my age group. I still think a 10k is my favorite race distance.
LOTS of travel. I took a trip to London to visit my brother Jesse. The trip was incredible and we packed so many things in.
I also traveled to Atlanta with my mom... little did I know, I would be moving there a few months later.
I also started my blog  as a way to capture the crazy year. I had no idea how much there would be to capture!
AR and I took a trip to New Orleans. It was fun and romantic and such a great escape. The haunted history tour was probably my favorite part. If you haven't taken one of these, I recommend it!
I tried to say good-bye to 2 years of memories in San Antonio. This was really hard. Saying good-bye to friends and family. Saying good-bye to my first *real* apartment. Saying good-bye to my students was the hardest. I cried. They cried.
AR and I took a trip to apartment hunt in Atlanta and I got excited about the prospect of starting something new. We also celebrated 2 years :)
AR and I moved to Atlanta. That was an adventure all in of itself, oh my goodness.
AR started traveling M-F, and I explored the city little by little.
Law school started! I met new people and started a whole new adventure. I also made a short trip back up north to see friends and family.
Law School got real. Transitioning from teaching first grade to being a law student was interesting. Getting in the habit of reading over 100 pages a night wasn't fun.
My second MARATHON. AR and I ran the Atlanta Marathon. This wasn't my favorite running moment, but still a good experience.
I visited Kathryn in Nashville for the first time and had so much fun. We went to hear live music, tried some new restaurants, and I paced her for the last part of her first half marathon :)
I made a trip to Louisiana with AR for Thanksgiving. I spent most of the time studying, but it was still a nice visit.
Kathryn came to visit Atlanta and we had an awesome visit.
Christmas in Texas with all my family, plus catching up with friends. I couldn't believe how much I missed everyone and everything
2013 was a jam packed year. I'm actually hoping that 2014 is a little less eventful, haha. Can't wait to see what is in store. Please follow my blog, instragram (hrw1126), or twitter (hannahwahlen) to keep up!
Thanks for joining me in this crazy year.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Weekend Review - post christmas

Happy Monday! Christmas has wrapped up, and I am headed home to Atlanta right now. I'm actually writing this in the car, so let me know if you find any tragic typos ;)

The weekend was fun filled and spent in Texas. On Friday afternoon, I went to the movies and out for coffee with my Dad and little brother. We saw American Hustler (anyone see it?) and I was reminded once again how gorgeous Amy Adams is. Love her hair.
My mother & I - twins in our sweater dresses

On Saturday AR and I went to a friend's wedding that was SO gorgeous. I love weddings. The reception had the most amazing food, which is always one of the most memorable parts of a wedding. Afterwards, we drove back to my family's house.
LOVED the center pieces!

Christmas manicure (& a new ring from my parents)

We love a photo booth ;)

On Sunday after church, we met up with friends from Houston. I cannot tell you how much we miss our friends there! Then we headed back to Louisianna one last time to see AR's family. I made it from Houston to Baton Rouge with no bathroom break. OMG.
Confession: We miss Houston.
And now we are headed back to Atlanta! We've got a NYE party tomorrow night, and I can't wait to share what I am making for it :)


Sunday, December 29, 2013

tips for setting New Year Resolutions

It is that time of year. We start to think of goal for the next year and things you wish you would have done differently. We make resolutions, set lofty goals, and plan for the next year. Yet, these goals often come with disappointment when we don't reach them. We plan to eat healthy, lose weight, got to the gym, save money... only to realize it didn't work out.

Setting goals can be a catalyst for change and great motivator, yet setting the right goal is key to avoid disappointment. Making sure your goal(s) is something you can achieve will empower you. Here are some tips on setting such goals:

1. Chose something specific.
Reaching a goal or keeping a plan means becomes much easier when that goal or plan is specific. Saying "I will work out 4 times a week" is easier to reach then "I will workout more". Make the goal specific.

2. Set an attainable goal
Setting a goal that is realistic and attainable makes success much more likely. Transitioning from running 2 miles a week to 30 probably won't be very successful. Yet, increasing your mileage by 2 or 3 miles a week is very doable. Setting a goal that is too lofty can set you up for failure. Picking something that is still a challenge, but something you CAN reach with reasonable effort means you will probably follow through and feel successful.

3. Set a measurable goal
This might be the most important step is setting a goal: pick something you can measure. In order to be successful, you need to have a clear picture of what success for YOU will look like. Visualizing what you want and how you will know when you reached it will allow you to actually reach the goal. Too often, I set goals without setting milestones. Then, I'm disappointed when I don't have immediate success. By setting a goal that is measurable, success becomes more tangible.

Last year, my goal was to try one new food or recipe a week. I wanted to get out of an eating rut and explore new things. This goal fit the criteria:
1. It was specific. Rather than say "I want to cook new things" or "I want to use my cook books", I said "I want to try one new food or recipe".
2. It was attainable. I can't commit to cooking 7 dinners a week. I can't commit to trying 5 new foods. But 1 new recipe or food? I could do that. Even on a busy week, I could find a small recipe or new food to try. This allowed me to expand my eating and cooking horizons, but follow through each week.
3. It was measurable. I knew what success looked like. Each week I pulled a new recipe, pinned it to the fridge, and then took it down once I cooked it. Follow through was much more visual than "cooking more" or "eating new things".
One of my favorite recipes
I've followed through with my goal each week this whole year. I can't believe it! I am keeping the challenge through 2014 because I think it brought positive changes to my diet and kitchen. I am also planning a new goal for 2014 (Check back on the first!).
What is your New Years Resolution? Did you keep your 2013 resolution?

Friday, December 27, 2013

Five on Friday - post christmas favorites

I cannot say Merry Christmas anymore! But I hope your holiday was amazing. I am still enjoying my family in Houston. I will be staying through until Monday, then heading back to Atlanta in time for NYE. While the holiday is still in full swing, I thought I would share a few favorite memories from the trip!
one. Christmas Eve
On Christmas eve, we spend the morning at AR's mother's house. She made a huge breakfast, we visited with family, and opened gifts. By afternoon, we headed to Houston and arrived just in time for the Christmas Eve service. I LOVE the service... stories, carols, candles. It is just magical.

 two. Christmas Day
Christmas Day was eventful. After breakfast, we took a long walk, cooked a big lunch, and enjoyed time with my large family. We had people from New Mexico to Wisconsin all together this year. It was a little crazy, but fun.
Our third Christmas together. He still puts up with my crazy family :)
My not-so-little-brother, Samuel.

three. Food
If I see another cookie, I may vomit. I LOVE sweets. I have a massive sweet tooth. But I am burned out. Even yesterday, I started craving fruit and veggies - I think my body is a little sad from all the desserts around. Today I will stick with my tea cup and avoid the sweets table I think :)
(And no, I haven't run since Sunday. Its my longest break since the marathon and I don't mind a bit!)
four. Gender Reveal Party
On Monday, I went to my first gender reveal party. It was so cute! I've seen lots of blogs with gender reveal parties, so it was fun to finally have a friend with one. They had a piñata that was filled with  either blue or pink. They let all the little nieces and nephews hit the piñata and when it broke open, PINK candy and glitter fell out. So excited for the little girl's arrival.
 five. Shopping
I know, I know, we just finished shopping for gifts. Yesterday I hit up the sales at the Woodland's Mall with AR and my little brother. I only ended up with two tops from Banana Republic, but for $15 each, I couldn't complain. Of course, I got home to find a security tag still on one (fail). Looks like I will need to make another trip to the mall!
Clearly, this doesn't upset me at all. I've shopped more since finals than I did in the whole semester.
Have you hit up the sales at the mall?
What was your favorite part of the holiday?

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Baking Fail.. and Christmas Eve :)

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!
I hope your holiday travels are/were safe and your holidays are starting well. Yesterday, AR and I drove to Louisiana to see his family. We had a fun drive (I love road trips), complete with spicy mochas from Caribou Coffee and lots of Christmas music.
Prior to leaving for our trip, I did some major holiday baking. Remember my list on Friday? Well, it didn't go exactly as planned. The sugar cookies were lovely, and chocolate covered pretzels are already being devoured. The candy cane blossoms? That was another story.
After a busy trip to the gym (note the sarcasm), I went home to make my last type of cookie. The recipe instructed me to roll the cookies into crushed candy canes, then bake them before pressing the kiss into the center.
Imagine what happened when I put the candy cane covered cookies into the over. The candy cane melted, the cookies spread, and it was a MESS. I pulled one pan out and had to chip the cookies off. I finally gave up and poured boiling water on top to melt the whole thing again so I could clean it.
I readjusted the recipe by just sprinkling the top with candy cane. If you have any suggestions for how to fix it, let me know. I wrote an e-mail to Taste of Home, so maybe they will tell me what I did wrong :)
Hope your baking is going better than mine! If it isn't, don't worry. It happens :)

Friday, December 20, 2013

5 on Friday!

Hey loves! It is Friday, and it is the last weekend before Christmas!! Can you believe it? This week just flew by. I'm excited to be linking up with the lovely ladies of 5 on Friday. Thanks for hosting, Natasha :)
one. Date Night
Tonight AR and I are having date night at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for their Christmas light event. I am so excited! We live near by and every time we drive by and see the lights through the trees, I squeal. We are going to grab dinner, and then get hot cocoa and walk to the Gardens for the show. The weather even looks like it will work with me :)
two. Cookie Making
I haven't actually made any holiday cookies yet... oops. In my defense, I didn't want them sitting around the house! Instead, I baked granola bars and contemplated serving them as "oatmeal squares". But I am making cookies today and tomorrow, so don't worry. Here is what I have planned:
- Chocolate Covered Pretzels
- Candy Cane Kisses Blossoms
- Traditional Sugar Cookies
Mine will look just like this too, have no doubt ;)
three. Christmas Shopping
As of Wednesday at noon, I had exactly 1/2 of a gift purchased. Not looking so good! I met up with a friend at the mall and we conquered! I am picking up two more gifts today (Hello, big sale at Macy's!), and then I am done. I've even wrapped everything.
four. Revenge
If you read my blog, you know I love to watch Nashville. I use to love to watch Revenge, but two shows a week was more than I could keep up with (too much commitment, haha), and I chose country music over murder. Anyways, over break I've been catching up on Revenge and I am dying! Do you watch that show? Also, can I have her wardrobe? Amazing
five. Happy Holidays!
For everyone who is traveling this weekend (that's me included!), safe travels. Enjoy the time with family. Don't stress over last minute things, just embrace it. Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!
(Check back this afternoon - I'm posting my recipes from WIAW :) )

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Intuitive Eating... Have we lost sight of listening to our bodies?

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on something I have seen floating around the blogging community: Intuitive Eating. Becky at Olives n' Wine wrote a thought provoking post on it this morning, and I think her and I share some of the same views. Please read all the way to the end, and then share your thoughts!
It seems this way of eating has taken hold in healthy living blogs, and I continually see posts and instagram photos marked "listening to my body" and "intuitive eating".  
According to IntuitiveEating.com 
"Intuitive eating is an approach that teaches you how to create a healthy relationship with your food, mind, and body--where you ultimately become the expert of your own body.   You learn how to distinguish between physical and emotional feelings, and gain a sense of body wisdom.   It's also a process of making peace with food---so that you no longer have constant "food worry" thoughts. ”.
I love all the thoughts shared there. Create a healthy relationship with food, mind, and body. Get rid of food worry thoughts. These seem like the right mindsets.
But why do I see photos of massive burgers and fries, served with a milkshake, but labeled "intuitive eating"? Do our bodies really crave massive amounts of processed carbs and sugar?
Don't get me wrong, I love a treat as much as the next person, but I wouldn't say that is what my body craves all day, every day. I think there are a couple things surrounding the whole Intuitive Eating issue that  should be discussed.
1. Listening to our bodies may take longer than we thought.
We've been conditioned to think we want a lot of really crappy food. We mark holidays and activities by the foods and beverages associated with them. Girls Night? Cocktail. Christmas Shopping? Peppermint Mocha. Friday night? Pizza. Sunday morning? Pancake Brunch. You get the picture.
As a result, our first response to listening to our bodies may be far from healthy. We need to acknowledge that, rather than give our selves a right of passage to eat whatever pops in our head.
2. A cycle of restriction may be to blame.
Perhaps we've denied ourselves too long with our gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free diets. A person shifting from a restrictive diet pattern to an "intuitive eating" pattern may feel the need to eat lots and lots of junk for a while.
Perhaps the daily ice cream isn't really "listening to your body", but mentally responding to a period of restriction. Our mind may just crave saying "yes" to ourselves more than the ice cream.
3. Maybe the listening should happen after we eat.
Have you ever wanted a greasy meal, ordered it, and regretted it an hour later? I think most of us can raise our hand. For me, listening to my body means thinking about how foods make me feel long after I eat them.
I don't crave pancakes for breakfast because I know they won't leave me feeling good. Sometimes, I want a taste of one, so I order one, along with a more satisfying breakfast. After a couple bites, I'm done because I know I won't feel good after eating a whole stack of them.
Balance looks different for everyone, but I don't want my balance to be "run 20 miles, eat 3 cupcakes". Sure, I'd have burned them off, but that doesn't seem very healthy.
As we listen to our bodies, let's think about our food as fuel. Let's think about our bodies as responding to food, rather than craving food. Perhaps we will find a better balance that way.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. How do you feel about or practice intuitive eating?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ATL Eats: Highland Bakery

Today I am sharing one of my favorite places in Atlanta: The Highland Bakery in the old fourth ward. Atlanta people, have you been there? The brunch is amazing :)
On Sunday I made my third or fourth trip to the bakery and had a wonderful breakfast again.

If you visit, be prepared for a wait. This place is popular and you will wait for a table. I've waited when I came at 8am and I've waited when I came at 2pm. You will wait. But don't worry! You can order some amazing coffee (I order a soy latte with peppermint!) and enjoy a pastry. I recommend a sweet potato biscuit nugget to hold you over until your table is ready.
While you wait, you may notice that the people working at the counter know their patrons and their orders. You might also take in the fun exposed brick walls and art work inside.
The breakfast menu is full of classics and new twists. The decadent peanut butter French toast are a treat, as are the sweet potato pancakes. I love the vegetarian options - specifically the grits topped with vegetarian black eyed peas. The grits are creamy and the peas are just spicy enough. I order mine with a side of scrambled eggs. I've also enjoyed the omelets, but let me warn you: the portions are huge!

As you head out, you may want to grab a loaf of bread to take home as a reminder of your yummy brunch!
If you are in Atlanta, make brunch at Highland Bakery at priority. You won't be disappointed.
Note: The opinions expressed are entirely my own. I was not compensated in any way for my views.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Marvelous Monday & Weekend Review

Happy Monday! This week was crazy and eventful, with holiday parties, the end of school, visits from friends and tours of Atlanta. I am excited to be linking up with  Heather at Housewife Glamour to share my weekend.
On Thursday, Kathryn came to visit from Nashville. I went to visit her last month, and now she came to see me! 
Friday morning (or afternoon... opps), we went shopping. After a stop at Ulta, we got majorly lost on the way to the outlet mall. We finally made it and had a very successful trip. I found a new suit at Ann Taylor! And we got matching sweaters from J. Crew. We had to call AR on the way home and say we would be a little late to dinner. I say that is the sign of a good shopping trip, personally.
Saturday was a day to play tourist. AR made breakfast (grits, turkey bacon, and eggs) and then we went on a tour of the CNN headquarters. It was so much fun. After walking around downtown, we went home to get ready for AR's holiday party.

The holiday party was a blast. The band was so good and the food was amazing. They had kale salad and a million kinds of hummus (totally my taste!).
After the party, we picked up Kathryn and headed up to Buckhead to meet friends for drinks at the St. Regis Bar. My cocktail of choice? A blushing socialite.
By the time we made it home, I was exhausted. This old lady was not ready for 3 nights of staying up past midnight! We woke up in time for brunch at Highland Bakery (review coming tomorrow). After coffee and treats, I was so sad to see Kathryn go. I cannot wait until our next visit!
What's the best menu item you've had at your holiday party? I'm all about the food!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Five on Friday!

Friends, I AM DONE WITH FINALS! I am 1/6 an attorney :) And I'm here to link up with the lovely Natasha at Hello Happiness! for 5 on Friday .
one. Christmas décor is out.
The tree, the table decorations, my door. I also got an adorable new wreath to hang on the front, but I haven't snapped a picture yet. I have about 5 million holiday scented candles burning and I love every minute of it.
two. New workout gear.
After my last final (ahhh!) on Wednesday, I picked up some new running gear for the cold weather. Two pairs of pants and a great new running top. Don't you love that color? I also grabbed some new running shoes at the Big Peach Running Co., which is a great local running store if you are in ATL. The staff is amazingly helpful and I visit them about once a week (I live 2 blocks away from one of their stores. It is a problem). I've had amazing workouts every since.
three. A clean apartment.
After finals, all I really wanted to do was clean my apartment. Is that weird? I spent three hours scrubbing the place down yesterday morning while listening to holiday music. My floors are mopped. My baseboards are scrubbed. My shelves are all dusted. I feel like a new person.
four. Visits from friends.
My friend Kathryn is visiting! She came yesterday to help me celebrate being done :) We made homemade pizza, drank wine, painted nails, and watched Nashville. AR joined in for a bit and brought cupcakes. That's why we don't mind him joining the ladies fest: he brings treats.
Kathryn and I are heading out for some Christmas shopping today. We are starting at Ulta (hot tools curling irons are on sale for $25!!) and then heading to the J.Crew outlet (50% off everything). Note that neither of those places are for gifts... opps.
five. Recipe cards
I save all my recipes in a box and I love cute recipe cards. AR surprised me with these this week and I think they are the cutest!
Have a good one!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Dear Aaron...

Dear Aaron,
Thanks for putting up with me throughout this entire first semester of law school. You've been wonderful - supportive, loving, encouraging - every step of the way.
Last night, we spent the evening at Target and ate greek takeout for dinner. After dinner, you sat and cut out construction paper circles because I wanted to make a snowman for our front door. It's a far cry from the Saturday nights we use to have :) Yet I couldn't be happier.
I know you do far more of the chores right now. And I know I look like a mess much of the time. Yet you still tell me I am beautiful and hold my hand in public. You are patient when I snap about little things and you act interested when I discuss Rule 14(a) party joinder.
On Friday, you called me on the way home from work and we chatted until you got to my front door. I think it is a sign you found the right one when you want to chat on the way home to them. I am a pretty lucky lady.
Thanks for everything,
On the move to Atlanta!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cranberry Sauce (smells like the holidays!)

Yesterday I went shopping for some holiday candles. After smelling approximately 28, I couldn't smell a thing. So I went home and made cranberry sauce. I imagine my house smells like the holidays, but in fact, I am still not smelling anything.
I've been craving cranberry sauce since thanksgiving. I love putting it on roasted turkey, greek yogurt topped with granola, and oatmeal. This morning, I am slathering it on sweet potato biscuits (I die. yum).

It adds the perfect holiday flavor! My recipe is pretty simple and makes a tart sauce. If you like yours sweeter, double the sugar :) It is also yummy with orange zest as a tangy change!


Cranberry Sauce
1 bag of cranberries (12 oz)*
1/2 c. brown sugar **
1 1/3 c. water
cinnamon to taste

Wash the cranberries and pick out any that are too soft. Place the water, berries, sugar, and cinnamon in a medium pan and bring to a boil (about 7 minutes). Once boiling, reduce the heat and let the berries low boil for about 20 minutes.

The sauce will get thick as the berries burst. Note that the sauce will thicken but not reach the same consistency of canned cranberry sauce! After 20-25 minutes, remove from heat and let cool. Store in the refrigerator. Make about 1 1/2 cups.

*Some bags of cranberries are 16 oz. Just increase the water to 1 1/2 cups and add a bit more sugar!
** You could use agave or honey as well. I might not recommend a sugar substitute, as it may change the consistency!


Friday, December 6, 2013

Five on Friday

It is Friday! And I am linking up with Natasha to share some my five on Friday. Enjoy!
one. Christmas Shopping...
hasn't even started in this house. Am I alone in this? I seriously have not sent a single card or bought a single gift. I didn't buy ANYTHING on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. I studied. Sad day. I thought about trying to go shopping, but in reality, I won't. I am just going to study. I plan to re-enter society after Wednesday when I finish finals
Pretty polka dot present
two. Pinterest story
I thought I deleted my Pinterest app on my phone when school started, but I randomly found it when flipping through my phone this week. The black hole pulled me in again, and next thing I know, I am pinning wrapping paper suggestions. Like I am going to color my own wrapping paper this year. Not likely.
Anyways... then I saw IT. A girl I know from high school is posting naked pictures of herself as "fitspo". So the whole world can see her in her bra and thong! I am not even going to discuss posting yourself as fitspo (another time, another place), but come on. Who puts naked photos of themselves online? Thoughts?
p.s. Follow me on Pinterst! hrw1126
three. Celebrating the little things
Today I am celebrating being half way done with finals with a pedicure. Sometimes, it is the small things. A new pedicure can make everything seem better :)  I'm also thinking about going red, because I have done so many dark purple-ish colors this fall. Red seems Christmas appropriate.
twin sweater set - reds By Essie
four. Running
I started a new running plan this week - I am using the Runners World smart coach as an easy way to stay structured with running over the holidays. I used them for my first half marathon and was pleased with the results 2 years ago. I like that it includes speed workouts and you can modify for your schedule. I'm really planning on working on speed work until the spring - spring is the time I do a million 5ks and 10ks and I am gunning for a PR ;)  
Don't Fear Starting Lines | Runner's World
 five. This holiday decoration
I found this on my newly discovered Pinterest app. And I died. It is happening tomorrow morning and I cannot wait! I think AR is going to LOVE it :P
Snowman Door! Bet my students would love this!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Law School Exams 101

I am in the middle of final exams right now, in case you can't tell by my crazed demeanor. For those who don't know, law school exams are a nightmare. They are usually 3-6 hours and the only grade for the entire semester. Yes, that means that is you bomb it, you just fail. :(

To make matters worse, the questions are generally all essay. As a result, you write PAGES and PAGES of information. It isn't uncommon to hear that someone wrote 20 pages in their exam. Sure, you do it on the computer, but 20 pages gives plenty of room for mistake.

Often, professors allow the exam to be open book and/or open notes. This means that students might bring their books, notes, and an outline of the course to the test. When I say outline, you may imagine a 20 page outline bulleting the main subjects of the class. Wrong.
These people bring in BOOKS that they write. Seriously, these outlines might be 80 pages with very little white space. (Side note: girl behind me on Monday had a binder of every slide, every note, every handout, EVERYTHING from the entire semester. True story) Law students pretty much hoard every piece of information in fear of the exam. We all look like crazy people with a million tabbed documents as we approach the exam. See exhibit A below:  
Part of my Civil Procedure outline... isn't it pretty?
I took my first exam on Monday and have another on Thursday. In all honesty, it wasn't as horrible as I envisioned (I have a vivid imagination).  I understood each question. I had notes on each topic. I didn't run out of time. In reality, I don't feel I could ask for much more. At this point, I cannot even remotely speculate on my grade. While I feel I worked really hard in preparing for the exam, it seems like everyone worked really hard. Going to a competitive university often means that almost every student it really competitive and hardworking. I am studying like crazy, but I don't think I am doing anything different than anyone else.
Grades do not come out until the end of January... lets hope I don't cry! The university is going above and beyond to make exams okay. Free coffee, bagels, and donuts in the morning, hot cocoa and cookies in the evening. They had massage therapists visit, movies and board games delivers, and daily visit from puppies! You can guess what activity I signed up for :)
To all the other students out there: I fee ya.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekend Recap! Football, Thanksgiving, and a Roadtrip

Hey all, happy post-turkey day! I love thanksgiving, partially because it always coincides with my birthday, and because it combines some of my favorite activities: cooking, eating, and spending time with family. Many fun things happened over the weekend, so I thought I would recap in photos. Enjoy!
I got ready for the weekend with some baking! Chocolate chip muffins for my friend before her family came to visit, cinnamon bread for Aaron's family. My kitchen smelled amazing.
Road trip: On Wednesday morning, Aaron and I went to the gym and then left for Louisiana. I packed an entire bag of books to study (law school is such a blast). At one point, I ran out of water for about 45 minutes and nearly DIED (lack of water sends me into a panic attack. Can I get an amen on that?). At the next stop, I bought three liters of water. Guess who had to take a few bathroom stops... oops ;)
Thanksgiving Day! Aaron and I celebrated twice, first with his mother and her side of the family. Mid afternoon, we headed over to his sister's house to celebrate with his dad's side of the family. I ate my main meal at his mother's house, but saved dessert for the second stop. So glad I did that - both were amazing!
P.S. He is a cutie, huh?
Friday morning started early with some shopping LSU Football! We made a run to the daiquiri(such a LA thing) store, then headed out to tailgate. I was a little worried it would be cold, so I wore like 500 layers. I felt like the kid in A Christmas Story. We got to hear the band come down the hill, wave hi to Mike the tiger, and watch the cheerleader. My favorite parts of football might be before them game starts, lol.
Check out this dog that someone painted like a tiger. LSU people are crazy.
Sadly, I left when the game started to go study. I sat at Starbucks for a good 5 hours, which was really helpful. Check out my color-coordinated outline for my exam. Aaron and our friends came to pick me up and rescue me from all the studying.
We came home Saturday, and Sunday was filled with studying, a massive Whole Foods trip, and a TREE! Look at my adorable Christmas tree! All my decorations are out now, and I will be sure to add photos once the tree is complete :) 
How was your Thanksgiving? Did you celebrate more than once?
Who has their tree up and decorated already? I love seeing all the photos that people keep posting of their trees!