Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekend Recap! Football, Thanksgiving, and a Roadtrip

Hey all, happy post-turkey day! I love thanksgiving, partially because it always coincides with my birthday, and because it combines some of my favorite activities: cooking, eating, and spending time with family. Many fun things happened over the weekend, so I thought I would recap in photos. Enjoy!
I got ready for the weekend with some baking! Chocolate chip muffins for my friend before her family came to visit, cinnamon bread for Aaron's family. My kitchen smelled amazing.
Road trip: On Wednesday morning, Aaron and I went to the gym and then left for Louisiana. I packed an entire bag of books to study (law school is such a blast). At one point, I ran out of water for about 45 minutes and nearly DIED (lack of water sends me into a panic attack. Can I get an amen on that?). At the next stop, I bought three liters of water. Guess who had to take a few bathroom stops... oops ;)
Thanksgiving Day! Aaron and I celebrated twice, first with his mother and her side of the family. Mid afternoon, we headed over to his sister's house to celebrate with his dad's side of the family. I ate my main meal at his mother's house, but saved dessert for the second stop. So glad I did that - both were amazing!
P.S. He is a cutie, huh?
Friday morning started early with some shopping LSU Football! We made a run to the daiquiri(such a LA thing) store, then headed out to tailgate. I was a little worried it would be cold, so I wore like 500 layers. I felt like the kid in A Christmas Story. We got to hear the band come down the hill, wave hi to Mike the tiger, and watch the cheerleader. My favorite parts of football might be before them game starts, lol.
Check out this dog that someone painted like a tiger. LSU people are crazy.
Sadly, I left when the game started to go study. I sat at Starbucks for a good 5 hours, which was really helpful. Check out my color-coordinated outline for my exam. Aaron and our friends came to pick me up and rescue me from all the studying.
We came home Saturday, and Sunday was filled with studying, a massive Whole Foods trip, and a TREE! Look at my adorable Christmas tree! All my decorations are out now, and I will be sure to add photos once the tree is complete :) 
How was your Thanksgiving? Did you celebrate more than once?
Who has their tree up and decorated already? I love seeing all the photos that people keep posting of their trees!

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