Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Holiday Bucket List

Jessica, over at The Newly (LOVE her & the blog!), recently posted her holiday bucket list. I thought this was a great idea and wanted to follow suit. With finals and several trips planned around the holidays, I think this is the perfect way to take time and enjoy the season. AR and I made our list over dinner this weekend and I got so excited, I busted out the holiday pjs! Thanks for the idea, Jessica!


Holiday Bucket List 2013

1. Put up a real Christmas tree.
The last two years, AR and I swapped putting the trees up at each other's places. I got it in 2011, het got the tree in 2012. This year we can both enjoy the tree and we plan on getting a big one! I always want a real tree too. There is something about the smell of a real tree. My family always had a real one growing up, and I guess I just follow suit.

2. Get a winter wreath for my front door.
I've never had my own, but this year I feel like it is a must. I *might* even take a trip to Hobby Lobby and make my own!

3. Bake and frost cookies.
I've done this for as long as I can remember. My mom used to have my brothers and I cut out all the cookies. After they cooled, she would cover the dinning room table in plastic and let us go to town. Last Christmas, I rolled out, cut, baked, and frosted cookies with 22 first graders. Talk about a messy experience! We had a blast and for many, it was their very first time. This year it will be a little simpler with just AR and I.
(My mom just sent me a holiday cookie cook book - thanks mom!)

4. Take a Christmas light drive with hot chocolate.
This is always a tradition in my family, and I cannot wait to see the lights of Atlanta. Of course, I will do a second round of this when I get to Houston for the holidays at the end of December. There can never be too many light tours.

5. Spend a day Christmas shopping.
My list is half-way there, so not I cannot wait to get my shopping done. I may take an afternoon break from studying and go shopping the first weekend of December. I need to mail my brother's gift to London, so I need to get it done asap.

6. Watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas"
And several other holiday classics. I LOVE "Meet me in St. Louis", but I cannot find a DVD of it anywhere! Any ideas?

7. Go see the play "A Christmas Carol".
Also a family tradition. We always go see the annual production at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee and it is a-mazing. They do such a spectacular job. I won't be up there for the show this year, but I plan to see it here in Atlanta with AR. We can carry on the tradition :)

What is on your holiday bucket list?
What is your must-see holiday movie list?

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