Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall Table Decor

Ooooooo, do I love a good table decoration. One of my favorite things about visiting my family in Texas is going to my Aunt Anna Gail's house. She always has her dinning room completely decorated for whatever holiday or season is current. She decorates eveyrthing from her centerpieces, table clothes, napkin rings.... even her salt & pepper shakers change out. 

While I am not quite at my Aunt's level, I do love a fall table set-up. I like a festive centerpiece for the dinning table, as well as something for the coffee table in the living room. Here is some of the inspiration I am looking to this fall! 





What table decor is your favorite? 
Do you change out your centerpieces for the seasons or holidays?


Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekending {9/28}

Popping in for a quick weekend recap with the lovely Biana and Megan!

Our weekend was a bit low key, to be honest. It poured rain in Atlanta most of the weekend, so we stayed close to home on Friday night, making dinner and watching the first episode of Nashville <-- long time blog readers will know this show is a favorite of mine! 

Saturday started with a quick breakfast and a trip to Stone Mountain. AR's company had a day planned out there, and we headed out, despite the terrible weather. Stone Mountain is literally a stone mountain about 16 miles east of Atlanta, but the park also has hiking trails, camping space, a sky tram, and lots of activities.

prepared for the day with hot coffee and a rain coat!
 We enjoyed some games and lunch with friends from work, and then set out for the mountain, which we couldn't actually see due to the fog and rain. We decided to ride the sky tram to the top, with plans to hike down.

Poor AR couldn't keep his eyes open... hahahaha
We could see absolutely NOTHING at the top. So much for the great view of the city! Despite the park ranger saying he would "not recommend" hiking down the mountain, we took off. The hike isn't long (under 2 miles) or very challenging, but it was wet. We got completely drenched, despite our raincoats. The rock was so slippery and we had some near accidents, but overall it was okay!

We came home for hot showers, study time, and football. Dinner was sushi take-out.

We woke up Sunday for church, lunch at AR's favorite Indian restaurant, and a quick trip to the mall. I wanted new booties and a new tote bag, but I was undecided on the bag. Love my new black booties though and Macy's had a great sale! We went for a run in the evening and made big salads for dinner, before curling up on the couch for an early night.

So now its Monday... I started at 5:30am and went to Flybarre, made a batch of cinnamon-maple biscuits for the hubby, and headed to an early meeting. Let's get this Monday!!


Friday, September 25, 2015

Fri-yay! {9/25}

Linking up for Friday morning and it seems I have food on the brain... as usual. I hope your weekend is well on its way. I'm headed out for some errands and study time shortly, but hope to the bottom and leave me some feedback on AR & I's date night tonight!


1. Morning Tacos.

So AR's team at work has a breakfast club. Every Friday, they take turns bringing breakfast for the team. One time we brought breakfast sandwiches from a restaurant. Another time I made cinnamon rolls (30 of them, to be exact) and fruit salad. This morning we did breakfast tacos for 20 people. It was a LOT but so much fun. We had fun walking up early and cooking together, and I like stopping by his office to say high to everyone.

Somehow, I don't think big law is going to let me host a breakfast club...

2. Speaking of Breakfast...

And yes, they were massive and falling off the plate. 
I ate these gluten-free raspberry pancakes last weekend at Metro Fresh and they were amazing. I don't know the last time I had pancakes, but these were everything I hoped for and more. I hope AR wants to go back there again this weekend.

3. Take-out

I confess, we had a take-out moment last week. I really hate to do that, but neither of us got home before 8pm, and we just looked at each other and said "Greek food?"

When I order take-out, I make an effort to supplement some of my food to keep it healthy. I ordered lentil soup and salad, but I added extra fresh spinach to the salad and ate it with hummus for some added protein. I threw in a few cuties too for a fruit serving. Eaten on a t.v. tray while watching HGTV, of course ;)

4. Date Night

So AR and I are off to the movies tonight and trying to decide what to see.
My ideas? The Intern (with Ann Hathaway --LOVE) or Everest.
AR's ideas? The Black Mass (with Johnny Depp)

Any thoughts? Is anyone else planning to see one of these movies this weekend? 

5. Football Treats

LSU plays on Saturday afternoon, so we are hiking in the morning and then coming home to watch the game. I am making the below items for snacks!

double stuffed, twice-baked  baked potatoes

chocolate chip pumpkin cookies

recipe and photo

Any good movie recommendations for this weekend?
What snack to you like to enjoy at the movies?


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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Falling for Fall

When I heard Katie & Pink Persistence were hosting this linking, I was so excited. I have serious fall love, and I cannot wait to read everyone's posts this evening!

AR and I actually make a bucket list each season of things to check off.... okay, I make a bucket list and AR throws out some suggestions. I think it keeps us from feeling like the season just flew by. Here are a few things I am looking forward to:

- fall baking treats- 
I made these muffins last week and will be sharing the recipe soon. I also tried these chocolate chip pumpkin cookies on Saturday night. We had friends over to watch football and they ate almost my entire batch! So so good!

- football-
Obviously, this brings me to football. Because of my school schedule, I doubt AR and I will make it to an LSU game this year, which is heartbreaking. But I am still planning on some fun football watching at home! [PSA I did not attend LSU. I married into it. ;) ]

-football movies-
I always have to watch my football movies during football season. Blind Side and Remember the Titans are my two favorites!

-pumpkin carving-
We carve pumpkins every year and have become a bit competitive about it. We try to plan out our designs way in advance and don't show each other until we finish. I can't wait for this year... I have a really good idea for my pumpkin!

-hot drinks-
Cider, cocoa, coffee... you name it, I will drink it. Hot chocolate is on my grocery list for this weekend because I think it is finally "fall" enough to make.

- blog changes-
I've been working with the ladies at Designer Blogs for some revamping of the blog. Fall is the perfect time for new beginnings, right? Stay tuned for more information, but I am so excited!!!

-fall workouts-
Down here, out workouts move outside in the fall. To be honest, outdoor running in August can be pretty gross. I am excited for evening runs in the cooler air, weekend hikes, and outdoor picnics. We have a day trip planned this weekend to go hiking and have a picnic. Any it looks like the weather may be under 73*! #fallinthesouth

What are you looking forward to this fall? Any must-make recipes that feel like fall to you?


P.S. Thanks for the sweet comments on my wedding photo sneak peak. More coming soon!!!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Favorites! {9/18}

Popping in for a quick hello before I start the weekend!

1. Wedding Photos!
After saying "I do" five weeks ago, AR and I couldn't not have been more thrilled when we opened our wedding photos this week. Our photographer was even better than we imagined! There are so many special moments captured in those pictures and we love reminiscing with them. Now we just need to select ones to print!

A full post of all my favorites coming soon!!
[photo by Jennifer Blair Photography]

2. Fall weather... wait what?
Where is fall? Here in Atlanta, it will still be in the 90's this weekend. And yet, every time I open my instagram feed, I see people proudly displaying their fall fashion wear.
Call me in 2 months, when I might be wearing a jacket and boots. #southernprobs

3. This article on lunch ideas is fantastic - we could all use some more healthy lunch inspiration!

4. My new favorite workout is killer!
I just started Stellar Bodies and it is incredible. The workout involves balancing on a reformed machine as you do squats and lunges. I feel like I am going to fall the entire time, but it is such an excellent workout. I went to class for the second time on Wednesday and had to rest Thursday because I was so sore!

5. Dinner Moments
I tried some new recipes this week: This orange chicken and this butternut squash red currie. Both turned out fantastic!
I also made tortilla soup, with spicy peppers that I purchased at the farmers market. Because the farmer assured me that they were mild, I chopped up two large peppers (without tasting them) and added into the soup.
An hour later, AR and I enjoyed our soup, with our eyes and noes running. It was SO hot. The soup is fantastic, when topped with lots of avocado and sour cream and enjoyed with a large glass of water ;)

What is your favorite workout right now?
What was the best dinner you ate this week?


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Friday, September 11, 2015

Five on Friday {9/11}

{1} Last night I attended the launch party for the Simplified Planner with Emily Ley! I am so obsessed with my Simplified Planner and was thrilled to meet Emily. The party was hosted at Swoozie's in Buckhead, and it was adorable. Think gummy bears, mini burgers and milkshakes... everything.

Also, Swoozie's is the cutest store ever.

{2} This above point highlights that I already purchased my 2016 planner. In September. I know. I LOVE planners, calendars, and to-do lists. If you are considering a new planner, I totally recommend Emily Ley's: I love that there is space for dinner planning, scheduling, and to-do lists! Check out her website for tons of adorable and FREE printables :)

{3} I found my last missing wedding items! Remember when I blogged about losing my guest book and cake topper? We located it yesterday and as of today, we officially have all of our wedding items back in their place, all of our returns done, and every thank you note sent. AR was such a champ and wrote a million of them. #proudwife

{4} I went a little crazy with my baking last weekend. I made this granola recipe, which I make all the time, and tried a new bread recipe. Let me tell you, it is awesome! 100% whole wheat and still rose beautifully. They best part? It only makes one small loaf. I plan to make another batch this weekend, because homemade bread is just so much better.


{5} Lunch Question: So yesterday I went to a lunch meeting at work, and pulled out my packed lunch (leftover sautéed veggies and spicy black beans on a bed of riced cauliflower. Topped with avocado. Yum.). While eating, I noticed I was the only person with a packed lunch. Everyone else had purchased something from the work cafeteria. Do you pack a lunch? Or do you buy something at or near your work? I hate to buy lunch because 1) I end of wasting leftovers, and 2) its pricey. Am I a weird-o?

What are you baking or cooking this weekend?
Do you pack a lunch, or purchase one? 


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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Best Meals Lately {9/9}

I have been so terrible at sharing meals lately. Apologies. But I've finally pulled myself together enough to share some yummy foods!

First up, eats from Charleston, SC.

AR and I went to Charleston after the wedding. We split our time between downtown and the beach. Both were awesome! I snapped almost no pictures, but below are some of my favorite meals that we enjoyed.

1. Brunch at Butcher and Bee. We found this place on a few websites and decided to walk there one morning. This was about a two mile hike, so we absolutely took an Uber back! The food was excellent though and I loved my frittata and okra.

2. Dinner at the Drawing Room. No photos of this, but our meal was excellent! This restaurant is connected to the Vendue, where we stayed. We had plans to go to another restaurant, but after hearing some rave reviews, we canceled our other reservations. Our meal was excellent! We had a savory asparagus panna cotta and baked fish with roasted local vegetables and quinoa. The Vendue served cookies and milk each night, which we enjoyed in our room, along with the excellent treats that the hotel sent to our room (thank you!).

3. Sweet Treats. There was the cutest ice cream shop across the street that we enjoyed several times :)

Meals at home!

Once we got home, meals became a little cleaner. After so much eating out this summer, I am ready for home cooked meals with clean, fresh ingredients! Anyone else?

1. Homemade Veggie Frittata. After the awesome frittata I enjoyed in Charleston, I made one at home. This article was the BEST and I followed it as my guide. I filled ours with cheddar, peppers, zucchini, and spinach. So yummy and fast.

2. Fish. AR cooks the fish in our house usually, and he made this excellent blackened tilapia last week. I loved every bite and enjoyed a massive amount of asparagus to go with it.

3. Easy lunch. I haven't been craving salads as often, so I am trying to find other easy lunches. This mini what pita, filled with peanut butter and sliced banana, was perfect.

Also, Two Quick Fav's:
1) My favorite planner, which I frequently share on instagram and the blog, is releasing today at 10:00am. Grab one here (just a warning - these sell out fast!)


2) I received the cutest portable hat this summer and have been wearing it non-stop. The hat can be folded and tossed inside the cutest matching tote, which comes with the hat. I've kept this in my bag all summer, and its great to pop on when I need some share. You can purchase them here  or here. It comes in several colors, but I have the gold one!

What has been your favorite meal lately? 


Monday, September 7, 2015

Still Weekending {9/7}

Hey friends, linking up with Biana for some weekend fun.

The weekend is still here! I consistently imagine what my life would be like if every weekend was a long weekend. Actually, who am I kidding? Every weekend is a long weekend for me this semester! #thirdyearlawstudent

Friday started with a 2.5 hour walk with my sweet friend Neha. We met at the park in the morning and walked forever. It felt great to catch up and enjoy the sun. I ran to meet AR for lunch (smoothie for me, sandwich for him), and then went to a yoga class. This yoga class was new to me, and I didn't like it as much as my regular studio. But it was still good :)

Friday night we ate at Victory Sandwich Bar. If you are in ATL, you need to try this spot. We normally visit their Decatur location, but they just opened a spot closer to us.

Any place that has cheese popcorn as an appetizer is a Friday night win in my book. THe entire menu is small sandwiches and salads. We had popcorn, mini sandwiches, pickles, lady pea salad, and cocktails. My cocktail was some combination of gin and white wine and lemon. Oh, and we split a fresh chocolate chip cookie. Dessert always.

Saturday was breakfast at home, a ridiculous workout at Stellar Bodies with my friend (and bridesmaid!) Andrea, followed by a study session for the entire afternoon. We ran errands in the evening and came home for some football and dinner.

The menu: Mini turkey sliders served on baby dinner rolls and topped with grilled mushrooms and cheddar, twice baked potatoes, and salad.

Twice baked potatoes are a favorite of mine and so easy to make. I've shared my recipe below :) Sadly, our LSU tigers never got to play due to weather. This was disappointing, but we watched the Alabama game instead.

Sunday morning we spent all day hiking at Tallulah Falls State Park. We walked the trails and then went down the 1099 steps to the bottom of the gorge and had a picnic lunch. Here, I promptly took a bite of AR's chocolate protein bar and proceeded to have an allergic reaction. I'm terribly allergic to cashews, which are apparently in Chocolate Cupcake Luna bars. I barely ate a bite and immediately spit it out, but the damage was done. As a child, this would have required a trip to the ER and an EPI pen shot. As an adult, my reactions seem a bit milder. I can take tons of benedryl and usually be okay.

The miserable part of this adventure was having to hike up the 1099 steps again to the top after this ordeal. It was horrible. I slept the whole way home, except for a small pit stop at Dairy Queen that AR woke me for.

We are still weekending today, though most of the day will be spent studying. I'm hoping to watch some T.V. tonight. We just started watching True Detective (season one) and we love it. Anyone else watch this show?

Do you have any allergies?
What did you do this weekend? 


Twice Baked Potatoes 
8 servings

4 baked potatoes, cooled
1/2 c. sour cream
1/3 c. milk
1/2 c. shredded cheddar cheese, plus more for topping
1/4 c. chopped green onions
salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 350*.
Slice baked potatoes in half long ways. Using a spoon, carefully scoop out the inner potato pulp, leaving behind a thick shell, about 1/8 inch thick. Place the pulp into a food processor and blend with milk and sour cream until well blended. Add in the cheese, green onions, and salt and pepper. Pulse to combine.
Gently fill the potato shells evenly with the filling. Top with more cheese, then bake for 20 minutes or until heated through. Turn the oven to broil and broil for 3-4 minutes, or until tops are golden brown. Enjoy!

Tip: Scooping the shells can be tricky! Don't get greedy and scoop out too much, than can lead to tearing the skin. Leave a 1/8 inch border around the edge to keep the shells from breaking.