Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekending {9/28}

Popping in for a quick weekend recap with the lovely Biana and Megan!

Our weekend was a bit low key, to be honest. It poured rain in Atlanta most of the weekend, so we stayed close to home on Friday night, making dinner and watching the first episode of Nashville <-- long time blog readers will know this show is a favorite of mine! 

Saturday started with a quick breakfast and a trip to Stone Mountain. AR's company had a day planned out there, and we headed out, despite the terrible weather. Stone Mountain is literally a stone mountain about 16 miles east of Atlanta, but the park also has hiking trails, camping space, a sky tram, and lots of activities.

prepared for the day with hot coffee and a rain coat!
 We enjoyed some games and lunch with friends from work, and then set out for the mountain, which we couldn't actually see due to the fog and rain. We decided to ride the sky tram to the top, with plans to hike down.

Poor AR couldn't keep his eyes open... hahahaha
We could see absolutely NOTHING at the top. So much for the great view of the city! Despite the park ranger saying he would "not recommend" hiking down the mountain, we took off. The hike isn't long (under 2 miles) or very challenging, but it was wet. We got completely drenched, despite our raincoats. The rock was so slippery and we had some near accidents, but overall it was okay!

We came home for hot showers, study time, and football. Dinner was sushi take-out.

We woke up Sunday for church, lunch at AR's favorite Indian restaurant, and a quick trip to the mall. I wanted new booties and a new tote bag, but I was undecided on the bag. Love my new black booties though and Macy's had a great sale! We went for a run in the evening and made big salads for dinner, before curling up on the couch for an early night.

So now its Monday... I started at 5:30am and went to Flybarre, made a batch of cinnamon-maple biscuits for the hubby, and headed to an early meeting. Let's get this Monday!!



  1. Bummer you couldnt see anything from the top once you got up there! How frustrating. Still a cute picture, though!!

  2. Whoo, you're on top of things this Monday! Where'd you get that planner? It's adorable!

    I climbed stone mountain once when I was young and visited Atlanta, and I remember LOVING it! Atlanta must be such a fun city to get to call home!

  3. I would have been terrified to walk down the mountain with it being so wet. I would have had an accident no matter how careful. Glad you made it safe! And it sounds like a great weekend! :)


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