Friday, September 25, 2015

Fri-yay! {9/25}

Linking up for Friday morning and it seems I have food on the brain... as usual. I hope your weekend is well on its way. I'm headed out for some errands and study time shortly, but hope to the bottom and leave me some feedback on AR & I's date night tonight!


1. Morning Tacos.

So AR's team at work has a breakfast club. Every Friday, they take turns bringing breakfast for the team. One time we brought breakfast sandwiches from a restaurant. Another time I made cinnamon rolls (30 of them, to be exact) and fruit salad. This morning we did breakfast tacos for 20 people. It was a LOT but so much fun. We had fun walking up early and cooking together, and I like stopping by his office to say high to everyone.

Somehow, I don't think big law is going to let me host a breakfast club...

2. Speaking of Breakfast...

And yes, they were massive and falling off the plate. 
I ate these gluten-free raspberry pancakes last weekend at Metro Fresh and they were amazing. I don't know the last time I had pancakes, but these were everything I hoped for and more. I hope AR wants to go back there again this weekend.

3. Take-out

I confess, we had a take-out moment last week. I really hate to do that, but neither of us got home before 8pm, and we just looked at each other and said "Greek food?"

When I order take-out, I make an effort to supplement some of my food to keep it healthy. I ordered lentil soup and salad, but I added extra fresh spinach to the salad and ate it with hummus for some added protein. I threw in a few cuties too for a fruit serving. Eaten on a t.v. tray while watching HGTV, of course ;)

4. Date Night

So AR and I are off to the movies tonight and trying to decide what to see.
My ideas? The Intern (with Ann Hathaway --LOVE) or Everest.
AR's ideas? The Black Mass (with Johnny Depp)

Any thoughts? Is anyone else planning to see one of these movies this weekend? 

5. Football Treats

LSU plays on Saturday afternoon, so we are hiking in the morning and then coming home to watch the game. I am making the below items for snacks!

double stuffed, twice-baked  baked potatoes

chocolate chip pumpkin cookies

recipe and photo

Any good movie recommendations for this weekend?
What snack to you like to enjoy at the movies?


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  1. I want to see The Intern so that's my vote! Even though it might be too late... ha! All of this food looks so delicious, especially those baked potatoes!

  2. This post speaks straight to my heart. Gluten free pancakes…I don't know if you can't have gluten or just choose not to but as someone who can't that makes my day! WHERE IS THIS RESTAURANT? I have a feeling you and I would get along hehehe

  3. Those Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies look amazing!! Hope you've had a good weekend!


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