I ran in high school and college, but rarely raced or ran over 5 miles. After college I got hooked on running and now run everything from a 5k to marathons. In January 2013, I ran my first marathon (in POURING rain, mind you). Somehow, I left wanting to do another one. I ran my second marathon in October 2013, which you can read about here.   

Houston Marathon 2013

Past Races
Houston Lupus Foundation (5/2012) - 24:27
Race for the Cure (4/2012) - 24:35
Houston Lupus Foundation (4/2013) - 21:26:06 ** 4th Female/ 14th Overall

4E Run (3/2013) - 48:49 ** 1st in my division

10 miles
Lighthouse Run (6/2012) - 1:26:43

1/2 Marathons
Alamo 13.1 (3/2012) - 1:59:08

Chevron Houston Marathon  (1/2013) - 4:27:09 
Atlanta Marathon (10/2013) - 4:29-02
Chicago Marathon (10/2014) - 4:17:50** PR

Upcoming Races
Shamrock & Roll (3/2015) - 10k 


  1. Hi, Hannah! I just found you via Katie at Running With Wine. I was poking around your site and couldn't help but notice that we have the exact same marathon PR (seriously down to the second) which I thought was kind of crazy and fun. Congratulations on your recent wedding! Looking forward to following along with you :)

    1. That is so crazy! I can't believe it! When is your next race? Thanks for following ;)


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