Friday, November 14, 2014

Five on Friday + Confessions 11/14

Friday! You came! Miracles Happen. Linking up with some ladies to share a mix of confessions and randomness (thank you Leslie & Natasha for hosting!).

1. I confess that... I have been a bad blogger this week. No posts, just studying. I am only three weeks out from finals right now, which we all know is a hot mess. For those just stopping by, I am in my second year of law school. If you are familiar with law school, you know that you entire grade in each class depends on a blind-graded final exam. No participation points. No midterms. Just the final. Panic.

2. Last night I went to the most fabulous even at the Atlanta Wedding Loft. It was full of planners, chefs, cake decorators, and photographers - all in an intimate setting. My friend Luci and I had fun exploring the options and brainstorming. Which brings me to my next confession...

3. I confess that... a whopping nothing has been done for my wedding planning process. And I plan on doing zilch until after finals. If I miss out on a venue or dress because I started late, so be it. How long did y'all wait before planning anything?

4. AR and I are having our christmas card photos taken this weekend. And I have yet to pick out what I will wear! I am planning on making a quick shopping run today if I get some time. Any suggestions? We are taking them outside at a park with all of the pretty leaves. I am thinking AR will do navy and maybe I will do cream with a bright scarf?

5. I confess that... I bought these online this weekend. My days will be merry and bright with outfit, no doubt. The best part is the matching one for AR - hahaha

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, November 7, 2014

5 on Friday {Confessions} 11/7

Hello ladies and happy weekend!

1. I confess that I have a shopping list like one mile long of new fall "must haves"... yet I won't get time to go shopping until after finals. By then fall will be done and I'll be on to winter. Heart. Broken.
Here is what I am looking at:

Blanket Scarf. Has anyone actually purchased the one from Target? Is it really a blanket scarf?

Fur Vest. Loving this one from Banana Republic. And it is 30% off right now...

love this one. No idea where it is from. 

2. I confess that my sugar cleanse is over and I am baking these cookies tonight. Don't they look amazing? I'd love to tell you that post-cleanse, I don't want sugar. But the truth is, I missed chocolate. I am using unrefined coconut sugar in the recipe, so I will let you know how that goes.


I am also planning on dipping them in melted chocolate. Go big or go home. 

3. I confess that Facebook has ruined election night for me. I love elections. I've worked in politics, lived in D.C., the whole deal. But I am over people and their rude "my state doesn't know what is good for them" comments. I am sorry your candidate lost, really, I am. But that is no excuse to be rude. #soapbox

4. I confess that... AR being home during the week is the best feeling in the world. He started a new job this week, and for the first time in years, we will be in the same city during the week. I am excited to watch cook and eat dinner together during the week.

5. I confess that... I turned on my Pandora Christmas Station this week!!!! Ahhhh, I think the radio said 48 days until Christmas. So excited. I was sharing my holiday to-do list with AR this week. Here was our exchange:
Me: ...and then we should go ice skating at Piedmont Park!
AR: I am a southern boy. I don't ice skate.
Me: What if I got you a cow boy hat to wear while you skate?
AR: Sweetheart, that's a pipe dream.

Apparently ice skiing is not on our list ;)

6. (Because I can't count) I confess that I need to take photos for our holiday cards and need a good photographer. Atlanta ladies, help me! Do you know any good photographers? I just want a little mini session for our holiday cards. Full engagement photos will come in the spring :)

Linking up with Leslie and Natasha today. Thanks for hosting, ladies!!!