about me


Name: Hannah

9 to 5: (More like 8 to midnight these days) Full-time law student. In a past life, I was a first grade teacher with Teach for America. 

Favorites: Red nail polish, running (marathoner x 3!!!), all things baking & chocolate, anything Olivia Palermo wears, and traveling. 

Currently: Planning my August 2015 wedding to AR, exploring Atlanta, training for some spring races, and decorating my new apartment. Also trying to convince AR to run marathon #4 with me this fall. 

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  1. Hi Hannah! You have such a cute blog! I also used to be a vegetarian but now eat fish, chicken, and turkey! Definitely going to come back :) I blog at minougirl.com!


  2. Hi Hannah!

    I have looked all over for a way to follow your blog but can't seem to find the spot. Am I missing it? You're blog is so cute, I would love to follow you :)

    Blake [blondetoboot.com]

    1. Hi Blake, I fixed the button issue - thank you for telling me :) I hope you come back and read again soon!

  3. Found you through Blonde Ambition! Loved reading your blog :)


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