Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WIAW #42

It has been so long since I did a What I Ate Wednesday post, but I am back! I snapped pictures of my meals from Tuesday to share with y'all, as well as a few pictures of my day at school. Linking up with the lovely Jenn, of course!

My morning started with a 5:40am alarm. I wake up pretty early to get a workout in before classes start. I leave for school at 8:00 and I like to have a solid hour at the gym (somedays more!). Honestly, I probably could go in the afternoon or evening some days, but I don't like to. If I go later in the day, I am missing time I could be studying. If I go in the morning, I am not really missing anything!

I did 5 miles on the treadmill and a little bit of stretching before heading home.

I made coffee and a bowl of oat bran with ground flax seed, cinnamon, banana, and peanut butter. I didn't have time for the coffee, so I poured it in a travel mug to take to class and tried to eat my oat bran while doing hair and make-up.

I had two classes in the morning (one included treats. Sorry, no picture of the sugar cookie) and then I headed to the library to study.

Bankruptcy law - aren't you jelly?

I pulled out some lunch in the library: vegetable lentil soup, crackers, and Roots hummus (my favorite!!).

This soup included broccoli, lentils, tomatoes, mushrooms, onion, celery, carrots, and bell peppers. I love making soup on Sunday for weekday lunches and quick dinners. It also clears out any little bits of vegetables left in the refrigerator.

Snacks while I study included watermelon and yogurt.

And a kit-kat :)
My last class didn't start until 5:30pm, but I had a meeting at 4pm and spent the afternoon studying. By the time I headed home, I was exhausted and ready for dinner. I got home around 7:30, picked up around the apartment, and settled on "brinner"

I wanted something high-protein and was feeling a little lazy, so I made scrambled eggs with mushrooms and spinach, peanut butter toast, and chicken sausage. I enjoyed this while watching Kim of Queens on Lifetime... anyone watched this? It is so funny.

Post dinner I had a few Anna's Ginger Thins and chatted with AR on the phone before bed.

Here is a breakdown of my meals for the day:

I try to track my meals for for the carb/fat/protein percentages during marathon training, just to keep me mindful. I don't use My Fitness Pal every day, but I think it helps. I've been trying to up my protein and fats, so this was a good day for me :)

Do you ever track your food? 
What's your favorite yogurt brand?


Monday, September 15, 2014

Marathon training: Wk 15 & Weekending!

Monday is back :(

After such a fantastic weekend, I am a little heart broken to see a new school week start. The dreary, gloomy, rainy Atlanta weather isn't helping at all.

I just finished week 15 in my marathon training (where in the world did the last few months go???) and only have 4 weeks until the Chicago marathon. I am excited to go up north and see my family in a month... am I excited about the 26.2 miles? Mmmm.... not yet :P

Friday night was absolutely horrific, weather wise. I volunteered most of the day at the Junior League's Nearly new shop and had plans to go to dinner with AR and another couple. Our reservations were not until 9pm, so AR and I planned to grab drinks at a near-by bar before dinner.

Confession: I threw a mini-fit before dinner about what to wear. It was almost 90* and pouring rain. And it is mid-September. Tell me how to dress for that!

We ran down the street with a high umbrella, only managing to get slightly wet. Out favorite spot was pretty empty (see above), due to the weather, so we grabbed a corner table. I sipped on wine and split a soft pretzel with AR. I will miss eating soft pretzels pre-dinner when marathon training ends. 

Dinner with our friends was amazing. I just love them.

Saturday was a day to sleep in - we didn't get home until after 1am, which is late for me - and a trip to the gym. I was CRUSHED to find out I had an 8 mile run, not the 4 miles I had mentally planned on.

Luckily, I messed up my Wednesday run too, by running 6.4 instead of 5, so I did 7 at the gym and called it even :)

This week I ran:
M- rest
T - 5 miles
W - 6.4 miles with the running group! 
Th - 5 miles
F - rest

AR's mother came to visit and we took her to lunch at a favorite healthy spot. At this point, it was 3pm and all I had eaten was a piece of peanut butter toast, so I was starving!! My lunch: faro & lady pea salad with a bowl of lentil soup. Ice tea on the side. Yummmmm!

Saturday night was low key. AR and I made enchiladas for his mother and I baked these awesome peanut butter chocolate chip cookie bars (which I quickly packed up for her to take with her the next day!).

Sunday was a 12 mile run in the rain, but I am not complaining. When you get to this point in marathon training, 12 miles is such a relief. I was thrilled, even with the rain. My legs felt really strong and I the run went by so fast. My Saucony Triumphs shoes are really on their last leg, so I had to wear my Kinvaras for the run. Previously, I only wore those shoes for <8 mile runs, but I LOVED them. I think they might become a distance shoe for me.

Sunday afternoon consisted of frozen yogurt, lots of studying, and Miss America :) Thoughts on that talent, anyone? 

Hope your weekend was incredible! 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Confessions

Its Friday. I haven't posted since Sunday.... (confession number 1) oops. Happy to be joining Miss Leslie for some Friday Confessions to kick-off the weekend!!

1. I confess that I always recommit to wearing more make-up after watching KUWTK. I saw the glamorous Kim/Kanye wedding on E! at the gym yesterday morning, and of course, I went home and found some eye shadow & contour magic while getting ready. Those girls know how to contour.

2. I confess that I tried my first ATL running group this week, after living here for over a YEAR. I really loved my San Antonio running group, so I don't know why it took me so long to try one! I went to a Junior League event at a local running store and joined them for a 6.4 millrun afterwards. It felt so motivating and energizing to run with a group again.

3. I confess that I am dying to wear sweaters and boots. Everyone is filling up my insta-feed with fall pictures and it is still in the 90s in Atlanta. No boots for me. Not even jeans. I am dying of heat when I put on pants.

I miss sweaters

...and dark nail polish
4. I confess that I pulled out my favorite tan towels yesterday. Considering the temperatures, I need to keep rocking a summer glow, so I grabbed a Tan Towel (half body) yesterday and bronzed up those legs for the weekend. These things are a life saver and sold at Ulta, if you are interested!

5. I confess that I have a job for next summer :) I am SO excited. More on this later!


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Marathon Training - Wk. 14!

This week was everything.

54 miles in 7 days. 

My best 20 mile run during marathon training.. ever!

Here is what I ran during the week:

M - 12 miles. This was horrific and sunny and hot and horrible. We pushed our Sunday long run to Monday because of the long weekend and really enjoyed the Sunday morning off, but Monday wasn't pretty.

T - 5 miles on the treadmill. I did this before class and it wasn't too bad. I held about a 9 minute pace and entertained myself with Law & Order :)

W - 4 miles in Houston. I went to Houston late Tuesday night and didn't end up arriving until after 1am. I was zonked the next morning, but got 4 miles in before my interview. It was fun to run through downtown Houston again... It made me a little homesick for Texas.

Th - 8 miles on the dreadmill. I went after class and this wasn't fun. I flew back to ATL on Wednesday night and once again, got home after 1am. After two nights of less than 5 hours of sleep, I was pretty miserable, but I got the miles in!

F - rest. Much much needed.

S - 5 miles at an 8:30 pace with AR. We went for our pace run late morning and both felt surprisingly strong. AR pushed 7:20 with his pace, but I stayed comfortable with an 8:30. It is ridiculous how much better 5 miles feels when compared to 8 miles.

S- 20 miles!!! First 20-miler of the training plan! We woke up extra early and ran by 6am (we learned from our Monday mistake). The temperature was better and we got 7 miles in before the sun rose. I was feeling pretty strong at 18 miles, despite the hilly route. Our pace was slower than normal, but I am not complaining considering the week we had.

Post run, I felt horrible. I fell asleep after my shower and had to force myself to get up and eat something. Even now, all I've has is grapes, toast, and chicken sausage. Long runs kill my appetite. 

We only have one more serious run before RACE DAY! I think its 12-20-12-8 or something like that.

The last 20 is going to become a 22 miler, just for some extra oomph for race day. Here's to hoping Chicago is so much flatter than ATL!!!


Friday, September 5, 2014

5 on Friday

Oh Friday, I needed you something fierce this week! Some how, short weeks always seem worse than full weeks. Is that just me?

Here are a few thoughts for the weekend :)

1. Football!
Football season has returned, my friends. I am so excited for tailgates and viewing parties. While I did not grow up in a big sports family, I have really enjoyed all things SEC since moving to the south. My bf is an avid LSU fan, so I have jumped on the bandwagon and joined in the fun.

2. 20 Miles
This weekend AR and I have our first 20 miler of training season. Jesus take the wheel. I am not so keen on it, especially not with this long week and the 90*+ weather all weekend. This is gonna be a doozy.

3. Airport Sadness
I had a disastrous flight experience this week. I flew out on Tuesday night after class and my flight got delayed like 2 hours or something. I didn't end up landing until after midnight and made it to my hotel after 1am east coast time.
I always travel with tea and a cozy sweater.. which really came in handy this week!

Then, on Wednesday night, my flight was majorly delayed and was reporting a midnight departure at one point. Thankfully, I got on an earlier plane, but I still didn't get in bed until after midnight. My poor body is so over it.

4. Clean Eats
I confess, my eating has been awful this week. I feel so gross. The last few weeks of interviewing have been so full of heavy meals. AR and I have also cooked some not-so-good choices. Tonight in class, my sweet prof brought pizza and I had a few bites. I am totally regretting it now and wishing for clean eats all weekend.

5. Skinnies and Hunters :) 
I use to consider September/October the months of sweaters and scarves. Since moving to ATL, I have renamed them the months of skinnies and Hunters. It is cooling off every once in a while, so I like pulling on jeans (because shorts in September still feels a little weird sometimes). With all of the rain we get, boots are a must! So I am living in my Hunter rain boots and loving every minute of it.

Have an awesome weekend!