Monday, April 14, 2014

the truth about finals

I've given up on weekend recaps, because who's kidding, I spent all weekend studying. I know no one cares about how obsessed law students are at finals time, but let me say: it is real.

- I'm wearing my glasses because the bags under my eyes are horrendous. No amount of benefit concealer will fix it. So I didn't even try.

- I carried a 16 oz of fruit juice, 16 oz of coffee, and 24 oz of water to my first class. Hydration energizes, right? Wrong. It makes you have to pee.

- I'm now carrying flashcards in my purse because they are my security blanket. I'm also praying osmosis works, because I haven't read them near enough.

- On Saturday night, the only thing I could think of making for dinner was oatmeal. Thankfully, AR did the meal planning for our grocery trip yesterday. Otherwise we would still be eating oatmeal.

- I didn't do my long run yesterday because I studied from 8-8. What am I becoming?

Happy Monday! I am planning on continuing my study sesh before heading home around 8 tonight. On the menu for dinner: pumpkin soup and tomato-cheese Paninis. #comfortfood

Friday, April 11, 2014

5 on Friday

Hello all and happy weekend! I am linking up with the lovely ladies for a little 5 on Friday and keeping things completely random. Sometimes I like to have a theme, but due to finals, I am a little all-over the place :) (Let's be honest, it isn't finals. I am always a bit all-over the place). Anyways, here we go!

1. First Stella & Dot purchase! Last weekend I went to a lovely Stella & Dot party and bought my first item. I know, I am late to the party. I was so in love with almost everything and nearly talked myself into buying 500 little patterned poofs.

I ended up buying this cute little ring and it came in the mail yesterday (with a Nordstrom catalog. Win). But can I confess - I think they are a little pricey? I was kind of surprised by their prices, but maybe the quality is worth it.

2. I had a horrific sweet tooth last night and ate 5 mini marshmallows before realizing they were stale. And I ate a 6th one before throwing them away. Seriously.

3. I am out of so much make-up, but haven't made the trip to Sephora/Ulta in ages. One of my weekend goals is to go there before I become a hot mess. On a positive note, I've learned I like a lot of Target-sold make-up products! On the down side, my Smashbox bronzer is irreplaceable and I look like a ghost without it.
4. AR appears to have forgiven me for the couch incident. If you missed this, I got hot pink Essie polish on a new leather couch. Oops. But the nail polish is gone and all is new again. Word to the wise: acetone-free nail polish remover will save you.

5. Next weekend AR is talking a work trip to NYC and I can't go because I need to study for finals. How sad is my life? I have to turn down a paid trip to NYC because I have to learn the law. I told him to think of me while reliving all of my favorite Sex and the City moments.

Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Life has been a little hectic. With finals less than 2 weeks away, studying 14-16 hours a day has become the norm. I'm packing a whole day of food and camping out at the library into the night, then working out the next morning at 5:30 in order to fit it all in. 3 more weeks and I am done. Hallelujah!

Here is what I've been up to:

So many awesome meals. Because I studied all weekend, I had no time to go out, so I cooked every meal at home. Top meals included:

1. Spinach & Sun-dried Tomato meatballs with mashed red potatoes and roasted asparagus. Asparagus has been a go-to side for me lately and I am finally becoming better at timing it right. I also cannot remember the last time I made and ate mashed potatoes, but they are so excellent.

We used the leftovers to make meatball sandwiches and AR made these amazing sweet potato fries and were both sweet and spicy. Yum.

2. A Whole Foods double chocolate cookie that AR brought me one night as a study treat. The perfect Property Law pick-me-up!

3. Peanut butter toast and fruit. I am usually an oatmeal girl, but toast, fruit, and eggs have been calling my name lately. We know my PB addiction is real.

With time as the essence, shorter workouts have become better. This month, I have already acknowledged that I won't fit as many workouts in, so I am walking more to make up for it! The extra rest day is much needed to catch up on sleep! So far this week:

S- rainy long run

M- rest

T- 4 miles and some ab work

W - speed work at night

Th -rest

Weekend goals:
1. Long run and a good full body workout.
2. Sunshiny walk with AR - maybe at the Farmer's Market!
3. Take an evening to sit on the couch and watch a movie.
4. Pack up some winter clothes and get out some summer ones!!
5. Visit Ulta before I have no makeup left!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WIAW #28: I made a mess

Happy Hump Day!

Today I am running to 3 classes, 2 meetings, and real estate law reception. I'm starting with a early workout, so lets hope I am still standing by the time the evening is over.

I am linking up with Jenn at Peas and Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday. I love the idea of sharing a day of meals and snacks. It gives me ideas and I often find new recipes and foods to try after reading your posts!

What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday

My morning started with 3.4 miles at the gym and a 20 minute strength session. Now that it is a little lighter in the morning, my early workouts feel so much easier.

Breakfast: French toast made with 1 egg, 1 egg white, vanilla, and 1 and a half pieces of whole wheat bread. I ate this with a banana and a drizzle of maple syrup. This breakfast is always a favorite of mine  because it is so filling! Of course, my breakfast included coffee with almond milk too.

Snack: I wrote about these last week: still working on my box of dark chocolate granola squares. They come from a package, which means I don't love them, but they are such a treat.

Lunch: I munched on this over the span of 3 hours while in class. Turkey and cheese on wheat bread, strawberries, and chopped carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, and celery.

Snack: Kashi cereal with a little almond milk. This was a quick pick me up before running some errands.

My Mess: So I had an accident on Monday night.
I was panting my toenails and thought they had dried. You know where this is going now, don't you? Well, I got on the new leather couch and smeared hot pink polish on cushion.

Tests: cleaned sample on the right! Looks pretty good, huh?

Poor AR. He was so upset. So after reading a million articles about cleaning the spot off, we met up after work and school. First, we bought several different supplies at Target, then we headed to West Elm for sample leather swatches.

West Elm was so awesome and we got a few samples to try out the cleaners on before testing our leather. It looks like non-acetone remover will get it off without damaging the leather! Hallelujah! I cannot believe I did such a silly thing. We are going to let the swatches sit over the night and then try it on the cushion tomorrow.

(P.S. I told AR I was writing about this in my WIAW post and he said he was "happy I was owning it in the public domain". Hahaha)

Dinner: After our errands, we cam home and had leftover black bean turkey enchiladas with sautéed peppers and avocado. So yummy. Gosh, I love these enchiladas SO much. They are actually almost better reheated. AR and I made these on Sunday night for dinner with plans to have leftovers during the week. Apparently I loved them so much that I forgot to photograph them. Sorry :(
My evening was filled with homework and emails. I hope your week is going amazingly!!!

Have you ever had a disaster with new furniture or nail polish?

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rainy weekend thoughts

The weekend is here, and somehow it doesn't seem to restful. AR and I both worked late last night. I came home and cleaned like crazy. It is always a sign of a hectic weekend when I just want to clean my apartment on Friday night.

Today we dropped my car off at 7:30, grabbed some coffee, and went our separate ways: AR to work, me to school. What happen to our weekend of lazy brunch, long runs, and relaxing afternoons? Somehow, life gets to crazy and I am exhausted and a little burned out.

So the words above are my thoughts for the weekend. Gratitude. I am blessed beyond belief. Recognizing that is the most empowering thing I can do.

Goals for the weekend:
- Take time for a long workout tomorrow
- Rock my oral arguments this weekend at law school
- Cook and eat a peaceful dinner for just AR and I (first time in over a week!)
- Prep more exciting meals for the upcoming week

What are your goals for the weekend?