Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekending {8/3}

It is Monday. And I am not at work. I am off for two whole weeks before the wedding. *hallelujah*

So excited to finally link up with Biana and Meghan to share my weekend! Its been a bit since I regularly participated, so I am happy to be back.

Friday was my last full day of work. I was crazy/busy the last two weeks. I spent one week working from Chicago, and another weekend sitting in my office. But I got everything off my desk and done!

The bluebook = lawyer's rulebook
I left work early after saying good-byes and headed to the nail salon for some mani-pedi time. AR was working late, so I knew I have a couple hours. FYI, there is no line at the salon at 5pm on a Friday.

Saturday we woke up for an 8 mile run. I've had some rough runs lately... with wedding planning stress, Atlanta heat and humidity, and less cardio during the week (I've become a strength training queen), my runs have been tough. But the weather was beautiful and we enjoyed 8 sweaty miles together.

I showered quickly and went to what I thought was my last fitting. My sweet bridesmaid and bestie went with me to learn to bustle the gown and hold my hand. Seriously, so lucky to have this lady with me through this process. Sadly, this was not my last dress fitting. I had lost a bit of weight, so I needed the waist taken in some more and I wanted to make a change to the top. Thankfully, my alterations lady is incredible and so accommodating. If you are planning a wedding near Atlanta, let me give you her information!

That afternoon, we did AR's final tux fitting (he looks sooooo good. But I might be bias ;)). Then we headed off to Cirque du Soleil! We had tickets to their new production, Varekai. To be honest, I am not so sure AR loved it. The talent was incredible but he felt he needed more of a story line. We followed the show with dinner at Gypsy Kitchen and coffees at Corso in the streets of Buckhead.

Sunday was church, brunch, and lots of errands. AR's groomsmen gifts are complete and mine are just waiting on a few things to arrive in the mail!

Are you a post-dinner dessert or coffee person?
Have you been to Cirque du Soleil? Thoughts? 


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

For Leslie

On Monday, Leslie Sisti of A Blonde Ambition blog passed away. I know many of my readers, like me, follow Leslie's blog. I was absolutely stunned when I heard the news and completely heartbroken.

A Blonde Ambition was the first blog I started reading years ago. Leslie has been my go-to gal for southern style, humor, and an optimistic look on life. We've chatted through emails, instagram, and twitter.

Leslie had recently been undergoing treatment for a heart defect, and passed away early this week. She leaves behind an adoring husband, Stephan, and two baby girls: Caroline and Ainsley. Both under two. My heart just breaks for that family and those baby girls, who will grow up without sweet Leslie in their life.

Through my limited interactions with her, I know she was an incredible person, full of grace and kindness. She loved being a mom more than anything, and watching her struggle to be away from those girls over the last few months has been tragic.  A Go Fund Me account has been set up for the girls HERE, if you would like to donate to their college funds and future weddings.

When I heard the news, I reflected on the impact Leslie's blog has had on me. While I treat my blog as a hobby, I guess we never know how others might feel. I felt like I knew Leslie, even though we never spoke in person. This blogging world has the amazing ability to make connections like that, for for that I am grateful.

As Leslie would say, Be Blessed Lovelies. Hug somebody extra tight tonight. And send a prayer out for the Sisti family.


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Countdown to the Wedding: July Goals

Checking in with my June Goals and sharing plans for July!

June Goals:
  • Schedule venue walkthrough with the planner and the florist
  • Attend marriage preparation session with our pastor
  • Plan farewell brunch for Saturday after the wedding
  • Take invitations to calligrapher for envelope addresses 
  • Mail invitations
  • Order the cake(s)
  • Choose AR's tux 
  • Schedule dress fittings with alterations
  • Finalize reservations for our mini-moon 
  • Finalize hair & make-up and schedule trial run 
  • Have an amazing time in Miami with my girls! 
  • Pick out my wedding shoes to take with me to alterations 
  • Send out checks for 60-days before wedding payments 
  • Check with hotel on reservations and remind guests to book their rooms!
  • Pick out wedding bands for AR and I! 
  • Plan signage with the calligrapher and planner 
  • Continue working out 6-days a week and eat healthy. Limit sweets to weekends only.

Okay, I was feeling super unprepared until I looked at this list. We are on our way!! This month was so busy with decisions and it was high-stress. I honestly don't know how AR puts up with me sometimes! 

For July:
  • Complete walk-thru with planner, caterer, florist, venue coordinator, and decorator. Done! This was so much fun! 
  • Finalize menu - we want to change one item
  • Order Rehearsal dinner dress
  • Attend dress fittings
  • Finalize morning-after brunch
  • Call people who have not RSVP'd
  • Make welcome bags for the hotel rooms
  • Order bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts
  • Order jewelry for bridesmaids
  • Pin hair ideas
  • Schedule hair and make-up trial run
  • Confirm cake design
  • Finish weekend time-line with the planner
  • Make nail/tan appointments
  • De-stress :)
  • Continue healthy eating and workouts: no more sweets or white carbs, with plans to cut dairy three weeks out (cutting dairy always brightens my skin!)
  • Planning call with photographer to go over must-have shots and our vision for our big day
  • Select songs for ceremony and reception
  • Start seating chart

Other Months:

And that is it for now! What is one thing you forgot to do until right before your wedding?


Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekending {713}

Oh Monday, you strike again!

I came home to the sweetest package from our wedding photographer on Friday. I cannot believe our wedding is less than 5 weeks away. Jennifer did an amazing job capturing our time in Savannah and I cannot wait to work with her at the wedding.

On Friday night, we went to dinner with friends at a new restaurant in town - The Luminary down on Krog Street. The food was actually wonderful: we had a walnut lentil "pate", mushroom stuffed chicken, and salad. Oh, and a glass of rose because obviously.

We slept in and made breakfast at home on Saturday morning. I made whole wheat biscuits and cut them out with a champagne flute, which made them the perfect mini size.

We went to the gym and ran errands in the afternoon. I had a new protein shake from the mix sent to me by Nutrition 53. I really love the shakes - they almost taste like a milkshake, but have 20 grams of protein and less than 9 grams of sugar.

Saturday night we went to a work event, and woke up early for a HOT Sunday morning run. I only did 6 miles, but I was ready to die. Summer running is not my best thing.

We met friends for brunch and went to pick up my wedding shoes [eeeek!], and then on to Whole Foods. This week's dinner plans?
- baked cod with fresh corn and okra & tomatoes
- asian veggie stir-fry and brown rice
- crock-pot white beans with turkey bacon and broccoli
- greek turkey burgers in mini pita pockets, with feta and cucumber.

This weekend, I blogged over at Shutterfly's website - check it out and let me know what you think!

What are you eating this week?
Do you plan out your meal's each week, or wing it?


Thank you for hosting the Weekending link-up, Biana and Meghan!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Confessionals {7/10}

Good morning and happy Friday! I'm linking up with Leslie this morning to share some confessionals - just in time for the weekend.

1. I confess... that I am eating plain toast for breakfast right now. Because I was just uninspired by breakfast and my refrigerator is empty. I am also drinking heavy cream in my coffee because I am out of almond milk. I count that as a win. 

2. I confess... I have watched 3 episodes of the RHONY in the last 7 days. I am fully caught up and I am obsessed. Bethenny makes the show and cracks me up. Anyone watch this Tuesday's episode

3. I confess... I may be making these Maple-Cinnamon Biscuits again this weekend because they are so good. 

4. I confess... I gave up sugar (minus the sugar found in fruits) for July and caved yesterday. I ate a Luna bar with chocolate chips in it because I wanted something sweet so so badly. Oops. I'm back on the band wagon today. 

5. I confess... our wedding is in 5 weeks and I haven't bought shoes yet. Because I can't make up my mind. But I've selected which nail polish shades the bridesmaids can wear!

What are your plans for the weekend? 

Have a great weekend!