Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Leg & Hip Stretches (& my weekend!)

I didn't do a weekend recap this week. Why? Because I spent the entire weekend either running or stressing about school starting. (Am I the only person who gets severe anxiety about the first day of school?) No idea why I worry so much, but I do. I left for class on Monday 75 minutes early, just because I was worried. I feel ridiculous.

I got up and ran this morning at the gym. I honestly limped to the treadmill and started jogging very slowly. About a half of a mile in, I contemplated going home because it hurt so badly and I was hobbling along.

I took a moment to check my body - I know the difference between pain and soreness, and this really was just soreness. I ran an 8 mile pace run on Saturday, 17 miles on Sunday, and took a pretty nasty fall. My poor body was just tight.

I slowed the pace down and a few miles later, I was happy and able to get back to pace. My body just needed to stretch out.

I found these awesome stretches on Pinterest from POPSugar:

These look so amazing, don't they?

I plan to have a serious stretching session tonight. I know this is something I have neglected in my marathon training, and I need to address it now before I really do get an injury. During my last training plans, I was actively attending yoga at a near-by studio, but this time around, I just haven't.

Anyone have any awesome yoga or stretching videos to share? 


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Marathon Training: Wk 11 [i took a fall}

It got real this weekend, friends.

41 miles. This girl ran 41 miles this week. Heck. Yes. 

Here is how those runs broke down. I don't remember my pace for all of them (oops), so I'll include what I have.

Monday - rest

Tuesday - 4 miles outside in the sunshine. It was pretty hot and wonderful, actually :) Ab work and stretching in the evening.

Wednesday - 8 miles on the treadmill. Law and Order was on, and it kept me beautifully distracted. I ran all 8 at about a 9:20 mile, which is slower for me. Ab work and stretching in the evening.

Thursday - 4 miles on the treadmill. I ran on the treadmill in the afternoon because I had an appointment early in the day. I was pretty sore from the longer run the day before.

Friday - rest

Saturday- I slept in. Way in. And then I chatted with my brother on the phone for an hour, so I didn't hit the gym until after 1pm. I had only had a wheat biscuit for breakfast and I was pretty hungry. I did 8 miles at an average pace of 8:40 with negative splits the whole way!

Sunday - 17 miles at a 10 minute pace. Oh goodness. I started early and it was still dark outside. Of course, I tripped less than a mile in and wiped out on the side of the road. Seriously, I did a Superman impression and hit the ground on all fours, scrapping up both hands, arms, knees, and legs. AR offered to go back home and clean up, but I said no. So I did 16 more miles as a bloody mess. My hands hurt so badly. Other than that disaster, the run was pretty good and I felt happy with our pace and my leg strength.

When I got home after the run, I stretched while AR showered. He made a Walgreens run while I was in the shower for hydrogen peroxide band-aids, and neosporn. I now have 4 large band-aids on my body, which is slightly embarrassing. I will look gorgeous tomorrow on the first day of class.

I made my self feel slightly better with a large cinnamon roll that I bought at Whole Foods. These babies have 320  calories a pop and I had 1.5. I should be worried, but I ran 25 miles in 24 hours this weekend. I'm owning it and enjoying the treat!

Don't worry, that is a salad plate, not a dinner plate ;)

Resting up for class tomorrow and then I start an even worse running week - 44 miles culminating at an 18 mile long run. I am sure I will want to die at the end of it.

Have you ever fallen on a run? 


Friday, August 15, 2014

Confessional Friday

Happy Friday and welcome to a good ol' 'fesh sesh. Linking up with the beautiful Leslie today!

I confess that I made biscuits and gravy again this morning. I'm eating it with yogurt topped with chia seeds and hemp hearts. That is balance, right?

I confess that I have no plans besides running this weekend. I'm running 8 miles at marathon pace tomorrow and 17 miles on Sunday. This is gonna be a fun weekend :/

I confess that I have a legal brief due on Wednesday and I have NOT EVEN READ THE ISSUE!! I.E., I don't even know what the brief is about. For people who are joyfully not in law school, this brief is a 16-18 page research paper. Procrastination at its finest.

I confess that I painted my nails with clear polish for interviews and I really like the way it looks. Normally I would scoff at this and reach for the neon pink, but I am loving the clear polish.

I confess that I came home yesterday to 4 men installing new french doors in my living room. Yay for the new doors, but sad for me. First, I had to pee and I didn't want to do that with strangers in my home. Second, I wanted to go for a run, but I was afraid they would be there when I came back, and then I wouldn't be able to take a shower. So I sat on my bed awkwardly until they left.

I confess that I haven't bought any of my books for school and class starts on MONDAY. Yep, once again, procrastination. Apparently I am in denial about school :(


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WIAW #41

It is Wednesday and I am back to share my eats! Linking up with Jenn at Peas and Crayons for some What I Ate Wednesday

I am a little late to the party because I spent my morning at the doctor for my annual exam. That is the hardest part about moving - finding new doctors, new everything! And a gynecologist is not something you can just ask someone about. I can't say "btw, who does your Pap smear?"

I am happy to report I had an awesome experience with a doctor I found on ZocDoc :)

Anyway, on to my food. This is from Monday, my rest day in terms of workouts.

I started breakfast with a bowl of oats cooked with almond milk, chia seeds, and half of a banana. It has been raining in Atlanta and it puts me back in the mood for hot oats. I LOVE cooking mine with milk because it brings such a creamy consistency.

I topped the oats with the rest of the banana, cinnamon, and a spoon full of raw almond butter. Of course, there was coffee with almond milk.

This kept me pretty full all morning. I headed to campus for a fashion show (kind of), put on my the legal association of women. The fashion show is for new law students and demonstrates appropriate clothing for interviews, networking events, etc. You may laugh at this idea, but this is important. I've seen some sad interview looks over the last year.

I was a model and had to haul all my suits to the school, along with nylons, heels, and everything. It was fun to see people for the first time since summer started and I enjoyed catching up with a few friends. I munched on an apple (unpictured. you've seen an apple) before heading home. 

I was STARVING by the time I got home. I made a huge salad filled with cucumbers, bell pepper, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, avocado, and lettuce. I topped it with a few pieces of pan seared chicken with panko break crumbs. This is the exact meal that AR and I had for dinner on Sunday night. Eating the same meal doesn't bother me... in fact I had this for lunch on Tuesday too.

I did apartment chores and ran some errands in the afternoon. I am trying to embrace my last week of freedom, so I pulled out a mystery novel in the evening and started reading. While I was reading, I grabbed some dry multi-grain cereal to snack on. 

I immediately got hooked in Susan Graf's C is for Corpse and it was late when I realized I needed dinner, so I whipped something up fast.

Sautéed kale, roasted tomatoes, fried egg, and crunch french bread. This meal was so perfect and flavorful -I just love summer tomatoes roasted in the over (400* for about 15 minutes should do the trick).

For dessert? Some sliced peaches while I read my book!

Are you someone who can eat the same thing over and over again? Or do you need more variety? 


Monday, August 11, 2014


Happy Monday! Linking up with the lovely ladies for a little weekending!

Today marks my last week of freedom before school starts up again :(

I cannot believe that the summer is drawing to an end. I need another 5 weeks. Anyone else?

On Friday evening, AR and I went to dinner at a place we run past all of the time: No. 246 in Decatur!

If you are in the Atlanta area, you need to visit this spot. It gets going around 8pm and the menu changes with each season. There are so many excellent options (try the stuffed mushrooms) and the wine list is exceptional.

No. 236 is adorable (source)
The real star? The Spoom. It is an italian meringue ice cream that is killer. They serve it in a huge waffle cone with two spoons. I'd send the extra spoon back, but AR might be offended and I was in some super skinny jeans. 

On Saturday, I woke up very early to head to my first training with the Junior League of Atlanta!!

I am so excited and honored to be part of this historic and transformative organization. I cannot wait to get to know the other women better and become a part of their work in Atlanta.

AR had to work Saturday, so my friend Luci and I did what we do best: shop.

I found some amazing deals on jeans at Nordstrom Rack. I wanted like 4 pairs, but settled on a new pair of J Brand skinnies for a quarter of the regular price. I was thrilled :)

Side Note: Apparently Kate Middleton wears JBrand skinnies that are identical to mine. I always knew we were twins.

On Sunday, I completed my run in some rainy weather and AR convinced me to go to Whole Foods before I showered. He tried to lure me with iced cold press coffee and a quick trip, but I've never had a quick trip to WF in my life. I got to walk around the store for an hour looking disgusting and smelling even worse.

We settled on produce for the week and made a batch of homemade biscuits and turkey sausage gravy for breakfast.

Don't worry, I tried to balance the decadent weekend with a salad for dinner!

What is your favorite brand of jeans??