Saturday, October 3, 2015

Getting Cozy In October {the easiest chili recipe}

This week just felt like fall. I don't know, something about the darker mornings makes me feel like fall has arrived.

Fall means some changes at my house. While I like my summer home to feel light and airy, I want my fall/winter home to feel cozy and crisp. I make a few small changes in my home as I prepare for the colder months. 


The Living Room. 
As soon as September arrives, I purchased new candles for fall. I love anything cinnamon-spice-apple-pumpkin. We leave a candle lit most evenings in our home, and I love the way it makes the house feel. I just purchased this one for our living room. If we can't have a cozy fireplace, I will make it smell like one!

Fireside Scented Candle

I am also adding in a basket of extra throws to the living room for the fall and winter. We move a lot of our date nights inside as the temperatures drop, and I love having a blanket to curl up with on the sofa. I also think a basket of throws just looks so inviting. 

Cashmere Throws
The Bedrooms. 

We have all heard that creating a special space for sleep is important - and AR and I have taken several steps to make this happen in our bedroom. We made the lighting a little darker, we removed clutter, and we added textures to the space. As the weather gets colder, I know we will head to bed earlier and I want that space to be cozy, warm, and comforting. 

Parachute Down Alternative Comforter
To prepare for fall, I am upping the weight of our comforter, and adding another throw to the bed. I love have a duvet cover for this reason - I take it to the dry cleaner each season and switch out the comforter depending on the weather. I also use a down alternative comforter because of all of A's allergies. 

For guest bedrooms, I add in extra throws, fuzzy socks and slippers, and a big sweatshirt. So often when people come over, they don't have something warm for their feet, so offering some extras is a sweet touch. I also like to provide extra blankets in case people get cold at night! 

For my closet (which is kind of like the bedroom!), I switch out my clothing. I love unpacking my sweater and jackets as I put away my summer clothes. I am obsessed with these vacuum seal space bags, which keep my clothes protected, and fit right under my bed. 

The Kitchen. 

Fall brings in a whole set of new recipes for me. I want hot soups and stews, with warm bread. I crave hot beverages, like tea and hot chocolate, along with sweet treats like muffins and cookies. I've been blogging about these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for weeks now, and they are becoming a fall staple. I am also stocking up my my favorite hot chocolate mix and some teas.  

Tonight I have chili in the crockpot, which I whipped up in the morning before leaving. Chili was a classic fall recipe at my house, and I love switching up the ingredients. I always start by browning onion, garlic, bell pepper, and ground turkey. I add this to the crock pot with two cans of beans (black, ranchero, or kidney beans all work well), crushed tomatoes, and a little broth. For seasonings, I use lots of chili power and cumin because we like it hot :) We like it served with shredded cheese, sour cream, and brown rice!

What do you love to bake or cook in the fall? 
How to you prepare for the seasons?


~this post was inspired my Parachute, but I was not compensated for any of my opinions~

Friday, October 2, 2015

Fri-Yay! {10/2)

Popping in for some quick Friday love this morning. Somehow, I've woken up to cloudy fall weather and October. I couldn't be happier.

1. Recipe for this Weekend
This weekend I want to try making homemade applesauce in the crock pot. I've never done this before, but I just know it is going to make the house smell amazing. I'm looking at using this recipe, but if you have a fav, please share!

2. Fall Styling
Okay, I LOVE a good scarf. I studied abroad in Turkey in college and brought back a massive load of scarves and have been rocking them every since. Of course, now I am wearing more plaid than pashmina, but still. This article has great tips on styling your blanket scarf.

3. Speaking of Styling
Today I am unpacking all of my winter clothes and packing up the summer clothes, with plans for a donation trip tomorrow morning.

4. Home Prep
Just like I prep my closet for fall, I prep my house for the colder months. Tomorrow I am sharing all my Get Cozy plans, as well as my favorite chili recipe :)

5. Sam Hunt
Last night, I headed to the Braves stadium (in the rain!) for the last half of the game and a Sam Hunt concert. We had SO much fun!

Have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall Table Decor

Ooooooo, do I love a good table decoration. One of my favorite things about visiting my family in Texas is going to my Aunt Anna Gail's house. She always has her dinning room completely decorated for whatever holiday or season is current. She decorates eveyrthing from her centerpieces, table clothes, napkin rings.... even her salt & pepper shakers change out. 

While I am not quite at my Aunt's level, I do love a fall table set-up. I like a festive centerpiece for the dinning table, as well as something for the coffee table in the living room. Here is some of the inspiration I am looking to this fall! 





What table decor is your favorite? 
Do you change out your centerpieces for the seasons or holidays?


Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekending {9/28}

Popping in for a quick weekend recap with the lovely Biana and Megan!

Our weekend was a bit low key, to be honest. It poured rain in Atlanta most of the weekend, so we stayed close to home on Friday night, making dinner and watching the first episode of Nashville <-- long time blog readers will know this show is a favorite of mine! 

Saturday started with a quick breakfast and a trip to Stone Mountain. AR's company had a day planned out there, and we headed out, despite the terrible weather. Stone Mountain is literally a stone mountain about 16 miles east of Atlanta, but the park also has hiking trails, camping space, a sky tram, and lots of activities.

prepared for the day with hot coffee and a rain coat!
 We enjoyed some games and lunch with friends from work, and then set out for the mountain, which we couldn't actually see due to the fog and rain. We decided to ride the sky tram to the top, with plans to hike down.

Poor AR couldn't keep his eyes open... hahahaha
We could see absolutely NOTHING at the top. So much for the great view of the city! Despite the park ranger saying he would "not recommend" hiking down the mountain, we took off. The hike isn't long (under 2 miles) or very challenging, but it was wet. We got completely drenched, despite our raincoats. The rock was so slippery and we had some near accidents, but overall it was okay!

We came home for hot showers, study time, and football. Dinner was sushi take-out.

We woke up Sunday for church, lunch at AR's favorite Indian restaurant, and a quick trip to the mall. I wanted new booties and a new tote bag, but I was undecided on the bag. Love my new black booties though and Macy's had a great sale! We went for a run in the evening and made big salads for dinner, before curling up on the couch for an early night.

So now its Monday... I started at 5:30am and went to Flybarre, made a batch of cinnamon-maple biscuits for the hubby, and headed to an early meeting. Let's get this Monday!!


Friday, September 25, 2015

Fri-yay! {9/25}

Linking up for Friday morning and it seems I have food on the brain... as usual. I hope your weekend is well on its way. I'm headed out for some errands and study time shortly, but hope to the bottom and leave me some feedback on AR & I's date night tonight!


1. Morning Tacos.

So AR's team at work has a breakfast club. Every Friday, they take turns bringing breakfast for the team. One time we brought breakfast sandwiches from a restaurant. Another time I made cinnamon rolls (30 of them, to be exact) and fruit salad. This morning we did breakfast tacos for 20 people. It was a LOT but so much fun. We had fun walking up early and cooking together, and I like stopping by his office to say high to everyone.

Somehow, I don't think big law is going to let me host a breakfast club...

2. Speaking of Breakfast...

And yes, they were massive and falling off the plate. 
I ate these gluten-free raspberry pancakes last weekend at Metro Fresh and they were amazing. I don't know the last time I had pancakes, but these were everything I hoped for and more. I hope AR wants to go back there again this weekend.

3. Take-out

I confess, we had a take-out moment last week. I really hate to do that, but neither of us got home before 8pm, and we just looked at each other and said "Greek food?"

When I order take-out, I make an effort to supplement some of my food to keep it healthy. I ordered lentil soup and salad, but I added extra fresh spinach to the salad and ate it with hummus for some added protein. I threw in a few cuties too for a fruit serving. Eaten on a t.v. tray while watching HGTV, of course ;)

4. Date Night

So AR and I are off to the movies tonight and trying to decide what to see.
My ideas? The Intern (with Ann Hathaway --LOVE) or Everest.
AR's ideas? The Black Mass (with Johnny Depp)

Any thoughts? Is anyone else planning to see one of these movies this weekend? 

5. Football Treats

LSU plays on Saturday afternoon, so we are hiking in the morning and then coming home to watch the game. I am making the below items for snacks!

double stuffed, twice-baked  baked potatoes

chocolate chip pumpkin cookies

recipe and photo

Any good movie recommendations for this weekend?
What snack to you like to enjoy at the movies?


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