Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekending {10/5}

Hello, Monday, we meet again!

This weekend was interesting. Rather than give you a play-by-play, I'll share some highlights:

- I went to pick up my marriage certificate on Friday in an effort to start my name-change process. I came home with three copies... except two of them were not mine. #sorryNicoleandQuartrina Should I take them back? 

- Our Saturday morning 5k got rained out, so we spent the morning at the gym, and studied for the afternoon. We didn't break until almost 7:30pm, at which point neither of us could think of a dinner idea. So we had peach smoothies for dinner. We are living large. 

- I finally mastered the omelette yesterday morning. I cannot express to you how many times my omelettes have turned into scrambles, but yesterday was a success! I only had to watch this video by Ina Garten a million times.

- Homemade apple sauce! I blogged about trying this on Friday and finally gave it a shot on Sunday afternoon. I did not use my crockpot, but the entire process took less than an hour and the results are fantastic!

- After trying my new black booties on for the tenth time, I decided I don't like them and need to return them. Fail. But I think I have a few other items on my list...

1. This coat. I pinned it to my pinterest board a few weeks ago and have been 
obsessing over it since then. 

2. This Madewell Tote. Everyone loves this bag... right? Should I monogram it?

3. Red lipstick. Such a must for fall and holidays. This BuzzFeed article is fun because it uses the same products on four skin tones. Funny Fact: I lived on the same floor as one of these girls in Washington, D,C, in 2009.... small world.

4. A new haircut! OP is obviously my fashion icon, and I want to chop my hair a bit... thoughts? (love this set of short-ish hair inspiration)


linking with Biana and Meghan for some weekend love <3


  1. Olivia P. can do no wrong in my book - have you seen her new collaboration with Bauble Bar - it's amazing! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    1. Ahhhh, I just saw her new collection and I died a little :) LOVE!

  2. That haircut is so cute and makes me want to chop mine! I say go for it!

  3. Yes, monogram it! And yes, chop your hair! (:

  4. Love the madewell tote! You should definitely et it!

  5. That tote is beautiful!!! I'm pretty sure I have a tote fetish. Eek!

  6. LOVE that haircut! Also yay to homemade applesauce! I made some last week and it was so good and so easy!


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