Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Best Meals Lately {9/9}

I have been so terrible at sharing meals lately. Apologies. But I've finally pulled myself together enough to share some yummy foods!

First up, eats from Charleston, SC.

AR and I went to Charleston after the wedding. We split our time between downtown and the beach. Both were awesome! I snapped almost no pictures, but below are some of my favorite meals that we enjoyed.

1. Brunch at Butcher and Bee. We found this place on a few websites and decided to walk there one morning. This was about a two mile hike, so we absolutely took an Uber back! The food was excellent though and I loved my frittata and okra.

2. Dinner at the Drawing Room. No photos of this, but our meal was excellent! This restaurant is connected to the Vendue, where we stayed. We had plans to go to another restaurant, but after hearing some rave reviews, we canceled our other reservations. Our meal was excellent! We had a savory asparagus panna cotta and baked fish with roasted local vegetables and quinoa. The Vendue served cookies and milk each night, which we enjoyed in our room, along with the excellent treats that the hotel sent to our room (thank you!).

3. Sweet Treats. There was the cutest ice cream shop across the street that we enjoyed several times :)

Meals at home!

Once we got home, meals became a little cleaner. After so much eating out this summer, I am ready for home cooked meals with clean, fresh ingredients! Anyone else?

1. Homemade Veggie Frittata. After the awesome frittata I enjoyed in Charleston, I made one at home. This article was the BEST and I followed it as my guide. I filled ours with cheddar, peppers, zucchini, and spinach. So yummy and fast.

2. Fish. AR cooks the fish in our house usually, and he made this excellent blackened tilapia last week. I loved every bite and enjoyed a massive amount of asparagus to go with it.

3. Easy lunch. I haven't been craving salads as often, so I am trying to find other easy lunches. This mini what pita, filled with peanut butter and sliced banana, was perfect.

Also, Two Quick Fav's:
1) My favorite planner, which I frequently share on instagram and the blog, is releasing today at 10:00am. Grab one here (just a warning - these sell out fast!)


2) I received the cutest portable hat this summer and have been wearing it non-stop. The hat can be folded and tossed inside the cutest matching tote, which comes with the hat. I've kept this in my bag all summer, and its great to pop on when I need some share. You can purchase them here  or here. It comes in several colors, but I have the gold one!

What has been your favorite meal lately? 


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