Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Favorites! {9/18}

Popping in for a quick hello before I start the weekend!

1. Wedding Photos!
After saying "I do" five weeks ago, AR and I couldn't not have been more thrilled when we opened our wedding photos this week. Our photographer was even better than we imagined! There are so many special moments captured in those pictures and we love reminiscing with them. Now we just need to select ones to print!

A full post of all my favorites coming soon!!
[photo by Jennifer Blair Photography]

2. Fall weather... wait what?
Where is fall? Here in Atlanta, it will still be in the 90's this weekend. And yet, every time I open my instagram feed, I see people proudly displaying their fall fashion wear.
Call me in 2 months, when I might be wearing a jacket and boots. #southernprobs

3. This article on lunch ideas is fantastic - we could all use some more healthy lunch inspiration!

4. My new favorite workout is killer!
I just started Stellar Bodies and it is incredible. The workout involves balancing on a reformed machine as you do squats and lunges. I feel like I am going to fall the entire time, but it is such an excellent workout. I went to class for the second time on Wednesday and had to rest Thursday because I was so sore!

5. Dinner Moments
I tried some new recipes this week: This orange chicken and this butternut squash red currie. Both turned out fantastic!
I also made tortilla soup, with spicy peppers that I purchased at the farmers market. Because the farmer assured me that they were mild, I chopped up two large peppers (without tasting them) and added into the soup.
An hour later, AR and I enjoyed our soup, with our eyes and noes running. It was SO hot. The soup is fantastic, when topped with lots of avocado and sour cream and enjoyed with a large glass of water ;)

What is your favorite workout right now?
What was the best dinner you ate this week?


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  1. Your bouquet!!! AH! I cannot wait to see more wedding photos because this one is gorgeous.

  2. What a gorgeous photo! Cannot wait to see more. Our weather is so very Fall here in London, how I miss the warm sun! Have a great weekend!

  3. I can't wait to see more of your wedding photos because that first one is so gorgeous!
    I'm the same with the fall weather...still wearing summer clothes here in Texas!

  4. That photo is gorgeous! So excited to see others :)

  5. Love your recipe links! Fitness Blender channel on YouTube has so many fantastic workouts, I've been doing them for months now and have seen results!


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