Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ATL Eats: Highland Bakery

Today I am sharing one of my favorite places in Atlanta: The Highland Bakery in the old fourth ward. Atlanta people, have you been there? The brunch is amazing :)
On Sunday I made my third or fourth trip to the bakery and had a wonderful breakfast again.

If you visit, be prepared for a wait. This place is popular and you will wait for a table. I've waited when I came at 8am and I've waited when I came at 2pm. You will wait. But don't worry! You can order some amazing coffee (I order a soy latte with peppermint!) and enjoy a pastry. I recommend a sweet potato biscuit nugget to hold you over until your table is ready.
While you wait, you may notice that the people working at the counter know their patrons and their orders. You might also take in the fun exposed brick walls and art work inside.
The breakfast menu is full of classics and new twists. The decadent peanut butter French toast are a treat, as are the sweet potato pancakes. I love the vegetarian options - specifically the grits topped with vegetarian black eyed peas. The grits are creamy and the peas are just spicy enough. I order mine with a side of scrambled eggs. I've also enjoyed the omelets, but let me warn you: the portions are huge!

As you head out, you may want to grab a loaf of bread to take home as a reminder of your yummy brunch!
If you are in Atlanta, make brunch at Highland Bakery at priority. You won't be disappointed.
Note: The opinions expressed are entirely my own. I was not compensated in any way for my views.

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