Friday, December 27, 2013

Five on Friday - post christmas favorites

I cannot say Merry Christmas anymore! But I hope your holiday was amazing. I am still enjoying my family in Houston. I will be staying through until Monday, then heading back to Atlanta in time for NYE. While the holiday is still in full swing, I thought I would share a few favorite memories from the trip!
one. Christmas Eve
On Christmas eve, we spend the morning at AR's mother's house. She made a huge breakfast, we visited with family, and opened gifts. By afternoon, we headed to Houston and arrived just in time for the Christmas Eve service. I LOVE the service... stories, carols, candles. It is just magical.

 two. Christmas Day
Christmas Day was eventful. After breakfast, we took a long walk, cooked a big lunch, and enjoyed time with my large family. We had people from New Mexico to Wisconsin all together this year. It was a little crazy, but fun.
Our third Christmas together. He still puts up with my crazy family :)
My not-so-little-brother, Samuel.

three. Food
If I see another cookie, I may vomit. I LOVE sweets. I have a massive sweet tooth. But I am burned out. Even yesterday, I started craving fruit and veggies - I think my body is a little sad from all the desserts around. Today I will stick with my tea cup and avoid the sweets table I think :)
(And no, I haven't run since Sunday. Its my longest break since the marathon and I don't mind a bit!)
four. Gender Reveal Party
On Monday, I went to my first gender reveal party. It was so cute! I've seen lots of blogs with gender reveal parties, so it was fun to finally have a friend with one. They had a piñata that was filled with  either blue or pink. They let all the little nieces and nephews hit the piñata and when it broke open, PINK candy and glitter fell out. So excited for the little girl's arrival.
 five. Shopping
I know, I know, we just finished shopping for gifts. Yesterday I hit up the sales at the Woodland's Mall with AR and my little brother. I only ended up with two tops from Banana Republic, but for $15 each, I couldn't complain. Of course, I got home to find a security tag still on one (fail). Looks like I will need to make another trip to the mall!
Clearly, this doesn't upset me at all. I've shopped more since finals than I did in the whole semester.
Have you hit up the sales at the mall?
What was your favorite part of the holiday?

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  1. The best Christmases are fun and crazy. Looks like you had a great one!


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