Friday, December 6, 2013

Five on Friday

It is Friday! And I am linking up with Natasha to share some my five on Friday. Enjoy!
one. Christmas Shopping...
hasn't even started in this house. Am I alone in this? I seriously have not sent a single card or bought a single gift. I didn't buy ANYTHING on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. I studied. Sad day. I thought about trying to go shopping, but in reality, I won't. I am just going to study. I plan to re-enter society after Wednesday when I finish finals
Pretty polka dot present
two. Pinterest story
I thought I deleted my Pinterest app on my phone when school started, but I randomly found it when flipping through my phone this week. The black hole pulled me in again, and next thing I know, I am pinning wrapping paper suggestions. Like I am going to color my own wrapping paper this year. Not likely.
Anyways... then I saw IT. A girl I know from high school is posting naked pictures of herself as "fitspo". So the whole world can see her in her bra and thong! I am not even going to discuss posting yourself as fitspo (another time, another place), but come on. Who puts naked photos of themselves online? Thoughts?
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three. Celebrating the little things
Today I am celebrating being half way done with finals with a pedicure. Sometimes, it is the small things. A new pedicure can make everything seem better :)  I'm also thinking about going red, because I have done so many dark purple-ish colors this fall. Red seems Christmas appropriate.
twin sweater set - reds By Essie
four. Running
I started a new running plan this week - I am using the Runners World smart coach as an easy way to stay structured with running over the holidays. I used them for my first half marathon and was pleased with the results 2 years ago. I like that it includes speed workouts and you can modify for your schedule. I'm really planning on working on speed work until the spring - spring is the time I do a million 5ks and 10ks and I am gunning for a PR ;)  
Don't Fear Starting Lines | Runner's World
 five. This holiday decoration
I found this on my newly discovered Pinterest app. And I died. It is happening tomorrow morning and I cannot wait! I think AR is going to LOVE it :P
Snowman Door! Bet my students would love this!

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