Monday, December 9, 2013

Dear Aaron...

Dear Aaron,
Thanks for putting up with me throughout this entire first semester of law school. You've been wonderful - supportive, loving, encouraging - every step of the way.
Last night, we spent the evening at Target and ate greek takeout for dinner. After dinner, you sat and cut out construction paper circles because I wanted to make a snowman for our front door. It's a far cry from the Saturday nights we use to have :) Yet I couldn't be happier.
I know you do far more of the chores right now. And I know I look like a mess much of the time. Yet you still tell me I am beautiful and hold my hand in public. You are patient when I snap about little things and you act interested when I discuss Rule 14(a) party joinder.
On Friday, you called me on the way home from work and we chatted until you got to my front door. I think it is a sign you found the right one when you want to chat on the way home to them. I am a pretty lucky lady.
Thanks for everything,
On the move to Atlanta!

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