Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Review

As a way to close 2013, I wanted to write down all the highlights of the year, month by month.
My first MARATHON! AR & I ran the Houston Marathon in January, after months of training. It rained/hailed the entire race, but I left saying "I cannot wait for my next one" :)
I started hearing back from law schools. I had not told any one but family and AR that I was applying at this point. It was so exciting, but also hard to keep to myself!
I ran my first 10k (Yes, I know, wrong order), in 48:23 and felt pretty proud of myself. Yay for first in my age group. I still think a 10k is my favorite race distance.
LOTS of travel. I took a trip to London to visit my brother Jesse. The trip was incredible and we packed so many things in.
I also traveled to Atlanta with my mom... little did I know, I would be moving there a few months later.
I also started my blog  as a way to capture the crazy year. I had no idea how much there would be to capture!
AR and I took a trip to New Orleans. It was fun and romantic and such a great escape. The haunted history tour was probably my favorite part. If you haven't taken one of these, I recommend it!
I tried to say good-bye to 2 years of memories in San Antonio. This was really hard. Saying good-bye to friends and family. Saying good-bye to my first *real* apartment. Saying good-bye to my students was the hardest. I cried. They cried.
AR and I took a trip to apartment hunt in Atlanta and I got excited about the prospect of starting something new. We also celebrated 2 years :)
AR and I moved to Atlanta. That was an adventure all in of itself, oh my goodness.
AR started traveling M-F, and I explored the city little by little.
Law school started! I met new people and started a whole new adventure. I also made a short trip back up north to see friends and family.
Law School got real. Transitioning from teaching first grade to being a law student was interesting. Getting in the habit of reading over 100 pages a night wasn't fun.
My second MARATHON. AR and I ran the Atlanta Marathon. This wasn't my favorite running moment, but still a good experience.
I visited Kathryn in Nashville for the first time and had so much fun. We went to hear live music, tried some new restaurants, and I paced her for the last part of her first half marathon :)
I made a trip to Louisiana with AR for Thanksgiving. I spent most of the time studying, but it was still a nice visit.
Kathryn came to visit Atlanta and we had an awesome visit.
Christmas in Texas with all my family, plus catching up with friends. I couldn't believe how much I missed everyone and everything
2013 was a jam packed year. I'm actually hoping that 2014 is a little less eventful, haha. Can't wait to see what is in store. Please follow my blog, instragram (hrw1126), or twitter (hannahwahlen) to keep up!
Thanks for joining me in this crazy year.

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