Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Review!

Hello all & Happy Monday!

Ohmygoodness, I think I speak for teachers everywhere when I say "Can summer come now?"! This weekend was a beautiful taste of what will come and now I am anxious for the real thing. Fun parts of my weekend included:

- An amazing dinner of bourbon-honey salmon, squash, and wild rice (cooked by my man) on Friday night.We got the pre-marinated salmon at the market and it was wonderful. I normally like simple flavors on fish, but this was perfect.

- Saturday morning farmers market, where I picked up kale (always), broccoli, squash, and broccoli sprouts. Anyone ever tried broccoli sprouts? This was my first encounter and I was pleasantly surprised. The farmers market is our weekend tradition. We get coffee, shop around the booths, and sample goodies. Its the perfect was to start the weekend, I think :)
We are in workout clothes because we went to the gym after :)

- Saturday dinner with a fabulous couple at Hugo's. We love this restaurant and I always order their cornbread that is yummy (and probably horrible for me). I sampled bites of cornbread, lentil cakes topped with guacamole, plantains, and a pineapple margarita. Afterwards we went to are friends' house and enjoyed some wine and laughs.

-8 mile run on Sunday morning at 10 am. If you live in Texas, you know this means: the weather was over 80* and sunny. It brought flashbacks of marathon training in the heat last summer. I can't wait to start again in June!

What is your favorite weekend ritual?
Do you have any training plans for summer?


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