Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Exploring Savannah (Part 1)

Hello All!

Last week I was a little absent on the blog... I had a final paper due that took over my life and then I just crashed once the weekend hit (literally. Hit submit, went home and slept on the new couch for 2 hours. It is comfy).

Now I am in SAVANNAH with my family for a few days. Have you ever been to Savannah? I feel like I am living in a Southern Living magazine. It is absolutely stunning.

Today we explored an old cathedral, several parks, and a neighborhood full of stunning homes and boutiques. I deserve an award for my ability to window shop and ooh-and-ahh over spanish moss.

Tomorrow we plan to see the Andrew Low House, eat at Lady and Sons (yes, Paula Deen's restaurant), and take a ghost tour.

My love of subway tile knows no bounds.
Best meal of the day: decaf americano with soy and a spicy chocolate cookie at the Foxy Loxy coffee shop. The cookies was amazing and so spicy that it shocked you. Yep, I studied at a coffee shop on spring break. Hashtag lawschoolproblems. I also had some excellent lime chicken and goat cheese enchiladas for dinner. Yum!

Workout of the day: 3 miles at the gym this morning, a 20 minute ab workout, and miles of walking!

How do you stay fit on vacation?
Do you try  to fit in runs/workouts?


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