Friday, April 25, 2014

5 on Friday

Happy weekend, friends! As May quickly approaches, weeks have just become more beautiful, haven't they? I'm making a walk through Peidmont Park a regular activity on Saturdays right now and hope it sticks all summer :)

So happy to link up with the ladies for 5 on Friday. Please comment below so I can read your post too!

1. This smoothie 
I told AR not to let me slip with my workouts during finals and he has been on it. We ran 4 miles on Wednesday night after my Constitutional Law final, then woke up for another 3 on Thursday morning. 
I refueled with this protein smoothie, which is becoming a fast favorite!

1 c. frozen strawberries
1 banana
1 c. chocolate almond milk (I use Almond Breeze)
1 c. ice
2 scoops (or servings) of your favorite protein powder. 
(serves 2... or 1 really long run ;))

2. Speaking of running...
Saucony (my favorite shoe maker!) posted this info about the Boston Marathon and I thought it was so neat!

3. Flash card diva
I have two closed-book exams this weekend (Friday & Monday), so I am becoming a flashcard queen. Yesterday AR came home and I had the entire living room covered in cards. 

Property Law, anyone?
I can shout out the elements of rape faster than a Law & Order SVU episode. 

4. My sweet Mother
My mom sent me the sweetest care package for Easter and finals. It included all my favorite things (like Target and Annie's bunnies), and a new top from the Lauren Conrad line. Have you seen her things at Kohls? I like the top, so I might have to go look at them!

5. Weekend plans
Tonight I am heading out to dinner to celebrate being half way done with finals. I am considering doing brocade shorts and a long sleeve silk top. Is it too early for that? Should I wait another month?



  1. I love almond milk but have yet to try chocolate, I think I need to get on that. I love the goodies your mom sent you, that is my type of easter basket, ha! And it is never too early for brocade shorts. If the weather is right - GO FOR IT. and take lots of pictures :) xo

    1. I think my bf may actually be embarrassed of all the photos I take :P Try the chocolate - it is a little sweet, but a fun dessert drink!

  2. love the boston pic - fun facts! i say if its warm enough, wear what you want! it sounds fabulous! my legs are always warmer than my upper body, so i totally am rocking shorts this weekend.

    1. Same! I am always on the look out for long sleeved dresses for that reason :)

  3. What a lovely care package from your mom - so sweet! I definitely own a few pieces from LC's line...a lot of her stuff is super cute and worth checking out!

    1. That's it, I am heading to Kohls after finals to check her line out!

  4. Yay, for Easter and final exam care packages!! I will never get too old for gifts from my mom! And girllll, you are the note card queen!! Love it!


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