Friday, June 13, 2014

5 on Friday: Confessions.

Happy Friday! Today's Five on Friday will be a  a little random (like me) as I try to catch up on everything. I'm using my Friday party to share some confessions a la Leslie :)

1. I confess... that this man and I met 3 years ago this weekend. At a coffee shop. Totally random, two strangers who smiled at each other and started chatting. We did long distance, lots of long weekends, and here we are. I couldn't love him more.

First time at LSU - Summer 2012

First time meeting his family - Fall 2011
The end of my time in Teach for America - Spring 2013
2. I confess... that I got grades this week and it was awesome and weird. My grades were so much better than I even imagined. I was so excited and proud of myself and then... I felt really lonely. In law school (at least at my school), people are really competitive. While they may be happy for you, they likely don't want to hear how *awesome* you were. With mandatory distributions on the curve and published class percentages and ranks, everyone feels like a number.

It was not like Legally Blonde when she gets her LSAT score. I just called my mom :P

3. I confess... that I've become obsessed with you-tube make-up tutorials. Jaclyn Hill is amazing and I now have a serious contouring addiction. The only problem with this is that I now want to spend all my money at Ulta and Sephora. I now need like 10 new make-up brushes, a highlighter, and several new lipsticks (see below, lol).

4. I confess.... that I did not cook a single meal this week. Unless you could making salads and heating up veggie burgers "cooking". You know I love to plan out all of my meals, but I had so many leftovers in the refrigerator. So I didn't cook. And you know what? It saves a ridiculous amount of time. My mainstays have been this turkey meatloaf and Amy's veggie burgers.

5. I confess... I need a Target run this weekend. Here is what I plan on purchasing:

Mossimo Supply Co. Junior's Denim Vest - Assorted Colors
A denim vest - I want to wear this over summer dresses. I also like the idea of throwing it on with a maxi dress or skirt!

These NYX Butter Glosses - I've read that these have awesome pigment and texture.

Blueberry Crisp
Several boxes of these. I've gone through 2 boxes of Cliff Crunch Bars in the last 10 days. I recommend the blueberry flavor. So So good.

Have an awesome weekend!


  1. I love (like am borderline obsessed) with Jaclyn Hill's videos. Also, I know tons of people love them but I really DID NOT like the NYX Butter Glosses at all! I was soooo disappointing!

    1. OMG Vicki, I was so underwhelmed by the color selection, I ended up grabbing their butter lipsticks. I haven't tried it yet, but I'll let you know!

  2. I love Jaclyn but if she does one more smokey eye I'm gonna lose it! lol I'm always in need of a denim vest, they're so cute!

    1. Hahaha so true!! Always a smokey eye, which I still can't do, btw :P

  3. Hi there! I found your blog through the link up :) I think I need a denim vest too but I would never know what to pair it with! I always play it safe when it comes to making fashion choices :)

  4. I have been loving this denim vest obsession lately. I own a white one (from Old Navy), but I need a blue jean one too!


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