Thursday, March 19, 2015

So that cleanse... Allergy attack

I started my detox going strong yesterday. You can read about my reasons here. I ran 4 miles in the morning, came home and drank some of the sour juice and a bottle of water, and headed to school.

Around noon I ate a banana with my juice. I had an afternoon interview and didn't want to be completely zoned out in hunger. I continued to chug the juice, but I was getting so SO sleepy. By 5pm, I had a couple almonds and a few bites of wheat bran. This could have been my downfall.

At that point, I determined that a full juice cleanse may not be for me. I reflected on the fact that I was probably absorbing toxins in the air through pollution, even when not eating, so the detox was probably failing. And I was certainly not absorbing my 4:15 evidence class. Not good. Then, Fitbie tweeted this article saying that juice cleanses may do more harm than good.

So by 7pm when I got home, I told AR we needed to get something for dinner. We went to Metro Fresh, a favorite local spot, for some salads. I figured I had already eaten a banana, what was the harm in a few fresh, raw veggies.

Two bites into my salad, I dropped my fork and said "AR, there are nuts in this." Turns out, my salad had pistachios in it, and I have a very serious pistachio allergy. I had not had a reaction in years, but I immediately felt that itchy, swelling feeling in my throat. I chugged water and tried to take calming deep breaths.

We ran to the CVS nearby and I downed several allergy pills. Since I had not eaten any actual nuts and had so much time between reactions, by allergy was rather mild. I was sick, itchy, swollen, and breathy painfully, but not dying.

So we went back home with no salad in me. So much for my yummy dinner.

After all of the allergy medication, I fell asleep on the sofa almost immediately and slept for over 10 hours. Ouch.

This may be a bad omen about the whole juice cleanse thing. I am down about 4 pounds (all water weight) and ready to vomit over this juice. I am going to do veggies and fruits today with the juice and call it good. #notGwenstatus

There you have it ladies, the truth about juice cleansing. 



  1. Cleanses are so not as glamorous as the celebs make it seem! Glad you're okay!

    1. Yes - seriously! I guess I just don't have the stamina of others because I canNOT go hungry that long :P


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