Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday {8/28}

Let's chat, shall we? I'm sitting here drinking my coffee, trying to summarize the millions of things racing around my mind in 5 on Friday.

So lets just chat.

1. My schedule is a mess.
This is supposed to me my third year of law school. It is supposed to be relaxed and it feels like a train wreck. For example, yesterday I left for class at 7:45am, went to a class, taught a class, ran to work, spent 5 hours straight in meetings (no lunch for me), worked at my desk for a hot second, then raced back to school for another class and a meeting until 11pm. Whew.
Obviously I ate cereal for dinner. At midnight.

The positive? I don't work or go to school on Fridays, which is wonderful. I'm just not convinced that the craziness of the rest of the week is worth the Friday off.

2. Wedding snaps.
AR & I said "I do" two weeks ago! Ahh! Friends have been sending us cellphone snaps from the wedding and it is so much fun. Below are some of my favorites:
right before we were introduced at Mr. & Mrs. Roberts!

Post-wedding walk to grab a night cap. 

law school besties 
3. Unplugging
AR and I completely unplugged the wedding day, and the 6 days after. It was incredible. To be honest, I felt a little anxious the first day because I am so used to checking my instagram feed and emails. By day 3, it felt amazing! We were able to totally focus on being together and being in the moment, rather than running for texts and calls.

Below are two of my favorite memories of unplugging in Charleston:
Long bike ride on the beach. In the rain. And we loved every minute.

Late night s'mores. This was so much fun.
The challenge now? Figuring our how we can unplug more in our everyday life! If you have ideas, please share!

4. Food I'm loving
We made this crock pot dinner this week and it was so yummy with brown rice and roasted vegetables.
I read these guidelines on making a frittata and it turned our great! AR, who hates quiche, loved it. I filled it with a cubed baked potato, bell peppers, green chilies, and cheddar cheese.
This week I want to try these chicken burgers!

5. This weekend
I'm baking bread and meeting a friend for a walk in the park this afternoon.
Tomorrow I am SO excited to meet Trisha Yearwood at the grand opening of William-Sonoma at Ponce City Market (AR says I am not allowed to sign for her lol). I am hoping to convince AR to take me to brunch before hand.
Saturday night we are heading to the movies, which we never do. Any recommendations on what to see or not to see?

How do you unplug during the week or weekend?
What are you doing this weekend?


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  1. Visiting from the linkup! Congrats on your wedding! Beautiful dress :) I'd like to unplug more in daily life too... it's just hard to start!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting! Unplugging is hard - I really want to make ti a priority.

      Have a great weekend :)

  2. oo those chicken burgers look delicious!

  3. The Balsamic Chicken looks fantastic. I've been looking for more crockpot recipes lately. Thanks for posting the link!


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