Friday, May 24, 2013

Confessional Friday: Memorial Day Weekend Addition

Happy FRIDAY! I hope everyone is settling into some exciting plans for the long weekend. As always, thanks to the lovely Leslie at A Blonde Ambition for hosting. Do yourself a favor and go check out her adorable baby bump pictures. I pray I look that chic if I ever have a child.

1. I confess that I woke up thinking about food. This could stem from the fact that my apartment still smells like the banana bread I baked last night. BUT (victory!!) I am not eating banana bread right now. I am eating protein pancakes and a banana. Hannah: 1, Banana Bread: 0.

2. I confess that I started packing on Wednesday night for my trip to New Orleans this weekend. A girl has to be prepared. In fact, Becky at Olives 'n Wine recommends packing a week early, so really I was running behind schedule.

3. I confess that I am ridiculously excited about going to New Orleans this weekend. While A and I always have fantastic weekends together, it will be nice to get away a bit. I'm usually willing to trade my farmer's market for beignets and coffee :)

4. I confess that I announced to my first graders that my mother is coming to visit next month. They were concerned that I hadn't seen her and we bonded over missing our moms. Thank heaven the school year is ending in {9} days, I am becoming a 6 year old.

5. I confess that I am leaving early for my trip because I need to stop at the Kate Spade Outlet. They have 40% off your purchase, plus 20% off handbags, plus I get a teacher discount. I suggest you run there, asap.


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