Monday, June 3, 2013

Law School Bound

Today is the last Monday of school, and my last Monday as a teacher - ever!!!

After two years as a Teach for America Corp member serving as an elementary school teacher, I am leaving the first grade classroom for another one. This fall, I will be heading to law school at Emory University!

I made the decision last summer and began studying for the LSAT. I took it in October and ended up applying to several schools. I was accepted at Emory University, George Washington University, Boston College, Boston University, UCLA, Southern Methodist University, and DePaul University. I was over the moon! Emory School of Law ended of being the best choice for me because of the location, program offerings, and scholarships.

Outside the School of Law in April

I am looking forward to my move this summer and starting this new chapter. And, Aaron is moving with me!! We are thrilled to finaly be in the same city and cannot wait to explore a new place. I know so many blogging ladies living in Atlanta, so it must be an awesome place. Be on the lookout for moving updates and law school posts :)


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