Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This Week's Eats & Workouts

Hey all!

This weekend I did some major food prepping on Sunday evening, inspired by the Nut Butter Runner & the Lean Green Bean. I baked bread, cleaned and chopped all my fruits & veggies, boiled eggs, and roasted tofu and cauliflower. This week, I tried something new with my veggies: I washed them with vinegar and water. I was worried this would leave a flavor/smell, but all seems good!

Here is how I plan to use those items:
Bread: This oatmeal honey wheat loaf is my absolute favorite. I made a half recipe today and it turned out gorgeous (recipe coming this week!). I use this to make nut butter sandwiches and toast during the week.
Boiled eggs: snacks & in salad.
Sliced Strawberries: Yogurt bowl toppings!
Kale: Salads at lunch & kale chips.
Spinach: sauteed greens.
Asian roasted tofu: salads at lunch and stir-fry one night.
Black Beans (not pictured): Burrito bowl with brown rice & veggies.
Roasted cauliflower (not pictured): Mashed cauliflower.

In the workout department...
I am starting my MARATHON TRAINING!! (I'm a little excited). I start my training plan this week with lower mileage than usual. Here is what my week will look like:

Mon: yoga class
Tues: Run (3 miles) & cross-train
Wed: Pace run (5 miles)
Thursday: Run (4 miles) & strength training
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Long run (10 miles)
Sunday: Easy Run and strength training

Have an awesome week!

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