Tuesday, July 30, 2013

First Week in Atlanta!

Hello all! AL and I have officially been in Atlanta for over a week! It is crazy to realize the planning and preparation is all done and our next adventure is well under way. AL is in his second week at the new job and I start law school in a couple weeks. 

The unpacking went smoothly - we only lost two wine glasses in the process (success!). Now I'm looking at new furniture, specifically a desk, shelving, and a sofa set. I've had some time to try new recipes, explore the neighborhood, and get some awesome workouts it. This morning I did 4 miles outside and then walked to the gym for a zumba class. I am going to miss mornings devoted to exercise once school starts.

After about 10 days in ATL, here are the things I am excited about:

1.... being half a mile away from the park. I love running to the park, completing the run, and then having the perfect cool down walk back home.

2... a farmer's market that is walking distance from my apartment. This is a must!

3... not living 3 hours away from AL. For those who don't know, we did long distance for almost 2 years. It wasn't our favorite. We are so happy to be in the same city now :)

4...the savory crepes and beverage list at Cafe Intermezzo. The spinach crepe with turkey, brie, and raspberry preserves was incredible. We've only tried 2 restaurants, but both have been amazing and I see many more yummy meals in the future.

5... a new running group that meets in my neighborhood. I miss my group in Texas and can't wait to try out a new group this Thursday.

6... GEORGIA PEACHES, which were on sale at Whole Foods for $0.69 a pound last week. My freezer and my belly are well stocked with peaches.

Looking forward to an excellent week here before I head off on a trip this weekend. See you tomorrow for WIAW!


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