Wednesday, July 3, 2013

WIAW #10: Date Night

I almost didn't get this posted on Wednesday. Fail. After a 6 mile pace run, yoga class, and some apartment clean up, I am FINALLY posting what I ate yesterday. Thanks to Jenn for hosting (as always!). If you are just catching up, here is what you missed:

- Yummy & simple apple-oatmeal scones, perfect for this holiday weekend.
- Running with a chipmunk face: how I ran  walked after my oral surgery.
- Friday confessions: a favorite post each week!

But let's get on with some yummy eats!

Breakfast: Oats with chia seeds, protein powder, almond butter, and sliced banana. Coffee with almond milk and cinnamon on the side.

Workout: 3 miles and 40 minutes of strength training.

Lunch: I met up with my amazing friend Laura at a new Mediterranean restaurant. Laura's wedding is in one month, so we had to catch up on everything involving the wedding. We sat at our table for 4 hours and finally realized we needed to go home. Oh the joys of summer relaxation! I ate a grilled chicken pita with lettuce and avocado. I asked for no dressing on it because of the avocado. It was served with a yummy fruit cup!

Snack: I was hungry after our long lunch! I had a small bowl of maple almond granola
with almond milk.

Date Night! Aaron and I were set for a midweek date night. We had purchased a groupon for dance lessons a few weeks ago and had our first lesson ast night. We decided to make an evening of it by dressing up and going out afterwards. Our lessons at Fred Astaire were so much fun! It was nice to try something new and a little challenging.

Dinner: After dance, we went to dinner at a sushi place in Rice Village. I will be honest, I am not a huge sushi fan, but A is, so we go often. I was feeling adventurous, so we sat at the sushi bar and I tried some new things. I had one peice of sushi with egg & eel, one slice of a spicy tuna roll, and a plate of steamed veggies in sesame sauce. Yum!

Snack: A few hours later, I was a little hungry and made a snack. Before bed, I sipped hot coco and had a slice of wheat toast with almond butter. Protein, carbs, and chocolate = a perfect snack!

A day of crazy, but yummy eats!

I'd love to see your WIAW! Please comment below so I can check it out!


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