Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Marathon Training - Uh oh!

About a month ago, I started training for my second marathon. I ran my first in January, took about 3 weeks off to get back in a groove, then went back to what I had been doing. By April, I was back at 30-35 miles a week, had done a couple more short races, and was ready to train for my next one! When it comes to training, I am pretty committed to running the plan. I'll wake up at 4am, arrive on a date with wet hair, do double-digits on a treadmill - whatever it takes to get the right run in. 

This week was NOT like that at all. I didn't run the plan. In fact, I barely ran at all. I got all four of my impacted wisdom teeth pulled last Monday. I know what you are thinking, "no big deal, Hannah". Sadly, I didn't recover well from the experience: I swelled up like a balloon and kept bleeding from my many stitches. My dentist recommended I didn't run for a bit, especially in the high heat and humidity of Houston (btw, humidity does bad things to swelling in the face). 

My face

While I should have been doing 6 mile pace runs, my chipmunk face walked on a treadmill for hours and watched the cooking channel. I ran 3 easy miles on Thursday, walked Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, and did light strength training Wednesday-Saturday. It was hard for me to say no, but I did! 

On Sunday morning, I attempted my first outdoor run with my stitches, and happily did 9 miles at a 9:30 pace with no problems. Sure, it wasn't my fastest, but I was pleased with the results, considering my training week. Lesson learned? listen to the doctor and you body. All is well, my legs are still under me, and my face is back to normal. 

Want to hear the best part of all of this? I actually planned for this week to be a wash. I knew this might happened and planned an extra week into my training, so now I get to repeat this week with no time lost. I've got no doubt that 6 mile pace run will be perfect this time :)

Here is what I am running this week:
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 3 m & strength training
Wednesday: 6 m & yoga
Thursday: 3 m & Pilates
Friday: cross-train
Saturday: yoga
Sunday: 12 m

How do you modify when health issues arise? Do you modify? 


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