Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Confessions!

Good morning friends & happy Friday! My face is almost back to normal - more rectangle than pear shaped at this point - and I will take it! I figured I would take a break from stuffing my face with these amazing scones I made yesterday and join Lesley in some Friday Confessions. (Want to see something funny? Watch someone who recently had oral surgery try to chew a scone with their front teeth. A painful process).

Lesley has set some themes for us to follow for the month of June and this week is Pet Peeves. Ooooh, Lesley, have I got some pet peeves! Here we go:

1. When women wear crummy sweat pants/shirts with full hair and makeup
If it is midnight and perhaps you just got home, I give you a pass. But if it is 11am and you clearly got up, did your hair and makeup, and then gave up? No. How long does it take to put on jeans? 45 seconds? Put on some real clothes if you are going to do your hair and makeup.

2. When people start/end a gossipy story with "I just hate drama. I am not a drama person". 
Sweetie, please. You feed on drama. I can tell by the way you just shared that story about your "friend". People who hate drama don't spread stories that cause drama.

3. Watching a person cover a beautiful salad full of yummy veggies in ranch/blue cheese dressing.
Don't get me wrong, I love some salad dressing too. But covering a salad with a 1/2 cup of rich dressing completely covers up the flavor of all those amazing veggies! Just lighten up on the dressing a bit and enjoy the taste of real food!

4. Opening to a really amazing chapter in a book, right at bedtime.
This always happens to me! I am about to put my book away, when bam!, something exciting happens and I cannot put it down. There goes another 2 hours of sleep.

5. Kim Kardashion. 
I just don't care.

Happy Weekend!

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