Friday, October 25, 2013

5 on Friday

Today I am trying a new link up over at Hello! Happiness. I've enjoyed reading her posts for a while and can't wait to join in :)
1. Today I take my first practice exam in law school. This is concerning. So I am clearly studying right now. (Truth: I've been studying all week and practicing like a crazy. I am trying not to stress you and remind myself that it is a practice exam)
2. I am loving all of this fall weather - boots, scarves, coats, Y-E-S! Because it isn't that cold yet, I can still look cure in all of my winter gear. In a few short weeks, I will just look like a cold marshmallow. I need to take advantage of this crisp weather while I can!
3. Last night I tried a new recipe from Cooking Light and it was amazing. I made mac n' cheese with butternut squash. I added some baked chicken breast (done in the crock pot before I left for class in the morning) and it turned out awesome. AR came home and ate some for dinner. After a few bites he said "Why don't you make this more often? This is really good". Always what you want to hear!
Creamy, Light Macaroni and Cheese Recipe
Note: Mine did not look *exactly* like this ;)
4. Is it too early for Christmas Music? Don't laugh! I was looking for a station on the radio last night, but apparently holiday stations don't come in until November. Who thought that up?
5. Tomorrow I pick up my packet for the ATLANTA MARATHON! So excited to run on Sunday. Keep me in your thoughts - we are under a frost advisory, so this could be a cold run. I went to Target and bought a big sweatshirt to wear on race day. I plan to throw it off as soon as I warm up. Waiting around in 40 degree weather is low on my list.
Have you tried any new recipes this week?
When do you start holiday celebrations?
Have a great weekend!


  1. I personally HATE Christmas music haha (: unless it's an original song. I'm just not about that listening to the same song by the same person every year for two months life! haha

    Check me out

    1. Charissa, no Christmas music??? Haha, I completely understand. I love it enough for the both of us ;)


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