Monday, October 21, 2013


Law school is rough.

I know, I know, it isn't that hard... it's reading and writing - how challenging can that be? Yet the amount or reading is exhausting, the learning curve is steep, and I am overwhelmed.

Here is what I've been up to:

1. Marathon training! I am still going strong, and the race is in 6 days. Do you hear that? SIX DAYS! Somehow, AR and I survived 2 moves, a new job, law school, and a new climate without missing a beat. We worked so hard for this. I am not planning on an amazing time, but I am proud of our training accomplishment.

2. Exploring our new city. We LOVE Atlanta. Although AR travels Monday through Thursday, we have seen a bit of the city, trying some amazing restaurants and trying out all of the farmers markets. Favorites so far include: Peachtree Road Farmers Market, Piedmont Park Green Market, West Egg, 246, and Antico Pizza. I'm a shameless foodie :)

3. Decorating the new apartment: I've picked up a few items here and there, though this is the biggest area I need to improve in. I completed my gallery wall and did a little work when AR's mom came to visit, but I've lost some motivation now. Oops :(

4. Winter clothing. I got these new boots this afternoon after seeing Caitlin at Southern Curls & Pearls style them. I'm planning on wearing them tomorrow.

5. Blogging updates... I've got some fun things and a new look in the works. Check back on this!


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