Thursday, January 30, 2014

8 things to do on a Snow Day (Not including watching T.V. or reading a book)

The snow days continue. Day 2.5
Atlanta is still a hot mess.

I am not perfecting my snow day activities and thought I would pass along some ideas. Whether you have a real snow day or simply don't go places when it is cold (ahem.... AR), here you go!

1. Learn to Cook  
Try some new recipes or perfect some old ones! If you run out of room in your tummy, start stocking your freezer. 
Thus far, I've made cookies, greek yogurt macaroni & cheese, mashed cauliflower, veggie omelets, stir-fry veggies with sesame oil, sage-apple turkey meatloaf, and a million cups of hot chocolate. 
Today's projects include making bread dough to freeze and chicken enchiladas. 

2. Find all your tax information
This may take your whole day. I discovered I have every pay stub I have received since 2010. Lucky me. When I first started dating AR, I asked if he would do my taxes (he is a CPA). He said  no and suggested Turbo Tax. 

3. Workout
My gym was closed and walking outside wasn't happening, much less running (though I did try). Enter Pinterest workouts!

No lie I did this two days ago..I can hardly walk. My thighs are so sore! Good workout..or I'm just really out of shape
Check out Pinterest and you-tube for some awesome workouts. I did a mat pilates workout and some yoga yesterday and am sore this morning. 

4. Find ways to reuse things
In a state of desperation, I reused a COFFEE FILTER. I ran out and really needed coffee, so I washed one out in the sink and put it back in the coffee pot. I know, it is sad. I then walked a half mile to by more coffee & filters in the afternoon. 
You may find something new to reuse! Slash some weekly spending! 

5. Clean out your closet
Now is the time to try everything one and see how you really feel about it. 
Once you pick out the things you don't need, go load them in your car to take to the donation center ASAP. If you leave them in your home, you may change your mind (or is that just me?)
Click here to find a Goodwill Donation Center near you!

30 Remarkable Closet Organization Ideas
My dream closet
6. Clean your home
When is the last time you dusted those base boards and door frames? I am doing Apartment Therapy's January Cure and loved the time to catch up. I've mopped floors, vacuumed under beds, cleaned out cabinets. Mother Nature knew my apartment needed this snow day. 

7. Find everything within a mile of your home and walk there 
I've fully surveyed the area via Google Maps to discover where I would walk. Once I walked to Starbucks, I discovered it was closed. SO SAD Starbucks. Luckily, I now know every coffee shop in the area :)

8. Go sledding
I did this on a hill. With my car in park. And the emergency break on. 
I recommend you do it with a sled at a park.
No sleds? plastic trays and metal baking sheets work! College students, I recommend the cafeteria trays :)

What are you doing to stay busy?
Stay safe!


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