Sunday, January 12, 2014

Weekend Review and food + fitness for the week!

Oooh, do I love Sunday. I always feel productive and optimistic on Sunday, like I still have an opportunity to accomplish my weekend goals. As I type this, I still have a long list of things to work on (laundry, reading, grocery store, etc.), but oh well. AR is in the kitchen making chicken and dumplings for dinner, which sound amazing. There is something about a man cooking dinner that makes it so much better... ;) 

On Friday night, AR and I went to dinner at an asian place, but it wasn't really my favorite. We had a stressful moment on the way to dinner, and I think we were both kind of in a weird mood by the time we got our food. We had planned on going to dinner after work, but didn't make reservations anywhere. We picked a neighborhood and figured we would just walk about until something caught our eye. Unfortunately, AR got off work late, it was kind of chilly out, and there was no parking to be found. To make matters worse, neither one of us was feeling decisive. By 9pm, we were still walking around and getting more irritated with each other by the minute. Lesson learned: if it is going to be a late night, plan ahead to avoid stress!

We salvaged the evening by going to Caribou Coffee for spicy hot chocolates (my FAV). AR gets his with milk chocolate and I get dark chocolate. The evening ended on a sweet note. 

Saturday was a trip to the mall for new shoes (hello Ralph Lauren heels at 75% off!), and a workout. We had frozen yogurt for a snack and went to see the Wolf of Wall Street. Have you seen it? I liked it, but parts were hard to watch. 

Sunday... well, so far it has included an 8 mile run and a walk to Starbucks. I tried the new caramel flan latte for the first time. It is so yummy, but way too sweet for me to get regularly. A nice treat though. Funny note, on my walk, I heard someone yell and start crying "my baby, my baby!". I started freaking out, but it turned out it to be an actor. Apparently they are filming a t.v. show. My neighborhood is a little crazy. 

Workout plans for the week
M - rest
T - 3 miles + abs
W- 5 miles
T - 3 miles + arms
F - rest
S - strength work
S - 10 miles

Recipe and photo from Skinny Taste
 T - leftover chicken & dumplings with a salad
W - Spaghetti with ground turkey with steamed broccoli
Th - spinach and feta stuffed chicken breasts with Brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes
Recipe and photo from Skinny Taste
F - Out. With reservations ;)

Have a good week! I'd love to hear what you are cooking, so let me know!



  1. I hate being indecisive and being put on the spot! So stressful to me! I'm glad the weekend still turned out good though.

    1. me too! I just hate making a decision because it rarely matters to me :)


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