Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday

one. This woman makes me want to cry. And workout.
Have you seen this video floating around social media? This woman changed her outlook on life by going to the gym for 100 days. Her positive attitude is so inspiring. I've watched it on repeat about 97 times in the last day.
two. Morning Workouts
Speaking of working out... morning workouts. I shared last week that I am trying to work out in the morning this semester because of my schedule. Last semester, and while teaching, I became a happy evening runner. I came to love my slow mornings and I like ending the day with a sweat session. Switching back has been hard! I only missed one day this week, and on that day I made it up with a gym session in the afternoon. Not my best, but I am working on it.
always working
three. Reading
I want to rant about law school for 2 seconds. I got assigned over 145 pages of really complex reading to read and brief on Wednesday night for Thursday classes. Talk about ridiculous. I was so tired and brain-dead by the end of it :(
four. Apartment Updates
Last weekend, AR and I did some major apartment work. I got all new bedding at West Elm (they are having a huge bedding sale) and I am in love with it. It wasn't a color I had even thought about, but it is so perfect in the space and really warms the room up. I love have new sheets, throws, and duvet cover! We also got a cute shelf for the office, complete with baskets to aid storage. No more books in boxes now! I feel like things are finally coming together (5 months after move in... opps!).
Organic Brighton Metelasse, Duvet Cover, Horseradish, Twin
I'm still shopping for throw pillows, but this is it! I'll post pictures of the finish product with all the throws and pillows :) 
five. January Cure
I signed up for apartment therapy's January Cure. Have you heard of that? I have to admit, I am not following it completely, but so far I am excited about it! Each week day they send something to do for your apartment/home to make it a space you love. The ideas are really helpful in making me focus my desires/concerns rather than say "I want to fix my ____ space".
Decorating on a Budget Blog
My next project is the entry way... I want a little table/check in station!
Do you have any winter/spring goals for your home?
Morning or Evening workout?
Have a good weekend!


  1. I'm not very good at working out in the morning because it is difficult to pull myself out of bed! I love your new bedding - sometimes what we're not expecting is the exact perfect thing. Have a great weekend!

    1. Lindsey, that is my problem too! I want to lay in bed!!! Fail :( have a good weekend and thanks for reading!


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