Tuesday, January 7, 2014

WIAW # 18

Happy Hump Day! It is my first week back at class, so it really feels like a Wednesday to me. To top it off, its freezing cold outside and I've already read over 300 pages. Can we say sad week?? But I am excited to share some of my yummy eats with you. Rather than showing just one day, I have a snapshots of yesterday's meals, and then some extras.
As usual, thanks for hosting, Jenn! If you participated in What I Ate Wednesday, please comment below so I can read yours! I love getting new ideas for what to eat and serve :)
1. Tuesday Night's dinner: Quesadilla filled with cheese, mushrooms, and bell pepper. Served with kale chips! (Worried about kale chips? don't be! 400* over, mixed with olive oil and salt, baked for about 8 minutes. If you don't like it, put the rest in smoothies or soups).
2. Whole wheat drop biscuits with mozzarella, served with lentil soup (see below). I posted the recipe, so be sure to check it out. These are a favorite because they are quick, easy, and only make a couple. Sometimes I leave out the cheese and serve these for breakfast on a weekend.
3. My grocery cart at Whole Foods. It was SO crazy on Sunday night! I think people were afraid of the cold weather and buying everything in sight. I've never seen anything like it. I waited in line for ages and they were outs of everything at the coffee bar. Including espresso.
4. Tuesday's Breakfast: Still my favorite meal right now. Bob's Red Mill 10 grain cereal, cooked with pumpkin puree and cinnamon, topped with a banana and almond milk. So yummy and it gives a fruit and veggie serving at breakfast. Can't beat that :)
1. Stuffed bell pepper, made with turkey and served with spicy cornbread and kale salad. I'm playing with this recipe and will post soon! We had this once last week and once over the weekend. Clearly, we like it. Also, kale has been on sale a lot lately, hence my kale-filled meals. Yay?
2. Tuesday's snacks: raw walnuts, enjoyed with tea while studying. (not pictures) a Cliff Z-bar in the morning. With this cold weather, I'm having like 10 cups of tea a day. I'm drinking tea as I write this, actually.
3. Cornbread with jalapenos and cheddar. SO GOOD and perfect with soups or stews. Or stuffed bell peppers. I enjoyed this with some black eyed peas and greens over the weekend too.
4. Tuesday's lunch (and Monday's dinner): Crock pot lentil soup! This recipe is SO great and I know I will make is again soon. My friend Caroline sent it to me and I made it right away.
On a side note, I got 3 cookbooks for Christmas and am having so much fun flagging the pages for new recipes. One of them was Pippa Middleton's book, Celebrate. Have you seen it? It makes me want to host lots of parties and the pictures are gorgeous!
Have a happy hump day!

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