Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Vegan English Muffins & Tuesdays

Happy Tuesday!

I'm back in class after a relaxing spring break in Savannah with my family. Why isn't spring break like 2 weeks long? I need more time to recover from my last legal brief.

Anyways, I'm linking up with the wonderful Becky at Olives n Wine for a little Treat Yourself Tuesday. I love the idea of showing simple ways to treat yourself during the week. This doesn't have to be shopping trips, decadent dessert, or manicures.

For me, taking a break from the day is a real treat. Especially after a long Monday. Yesterday after a day of classes (and 200+ pages of reading to do), I decided to take a break for a few minutes. I walked away from my 30 item to-do list and enjoyed the kitchen.

The result? These fabulous clean eating, whole wheat English muffins.

I used wheat flour, olive oil, unsweetened almond milk, and salt to make these lovely treats. Aren't they yummy looking? You can find the recipe I used here. My kitchen smelled amazing afterwards and the resting time was the perfect study session.

Did you know that English muffins cook on the stove top, like pancakes? I used my cast iron griddle to cook a bunch at once... and burned the last one when I forgot about it (oops). But the rest turned out perfect. And once I finished them, I was much more energized to head back to my desk.

AR and I are already planning to make breakfast sandwiches with them in the morning :)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. These look so simply, easy and tasty! I'm totally going to check them out for brunch this weekend :)


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