Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WIAW #25 : Mardi Gras recap!

I am back from New Orleans! Mardi Gras was an absolute blast - not what I expected, but even better. I'm sharing a bit of my recap today along with What I Ate Wednesday.

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On Friday, AR and I headed to Louisiana after my morning class. It is a bit of a road trip, so we packed lunches and snacks for the car ride (Salad for me, turkey wrap for AR). On Friday night, we met up with friends from a crawfish boil.

Yep, that thing is a crawfish. It has taken me a loooong time to feel comfortable eating them, and I still wouldn't say I love it. But it is a fun, very Louisiana, thing to do.

Saturday morning was the start of my Mardi Gras parades! Our friends live right in Uptown, so the parade was outside our doorstep (literally). We started with the Iris parade and continued on with several others throughout the afternoon.


The parade was not what I anticipated... it was so family friendly and fun! Lots of fun music, crazy floats, and unique beads. We caught beads, danced to the music, and enjoyed the amazing weather. Seriously, I could not have gotten better weather for the trip.

Tomorrow I will tell you about our crazy-awesome seats on Saturday night, my thoughts on Bourbon street, and Sunday morning brunch fun. For now, I'll share my eats for Fat Tuesday :)

After a crazy trip (filled with cookies, popcorn, and alcohol), I was craving whole foods and fresh veggies. While I make an effort to prepare snacks and eat healthy while traveling, it is not the same as being at home.

iPad out for some blog reading!
Breakfast: A classic. Oat bran cooked with a banana and cinnamon, topped with peanut butter and served with coffee and almond milk.

Snack: None! I wasn't hungry yet.

Lunch: Totally a snacky lunch: sliced apple, LOTS of carrots and celery with hummus, whole wheat crackers, and greek yogurt. Not pictured: A mini kit-kat from my professor's office :)

Snack: After class, I had a small bowl of Quaker oats with almond milk to hold me over until dinner time.

Dinner: Leftover black-eyed peas with veggies and turkey bacon. I made these in the crock pot last week and froze left overs. They were so yummy and well seasoned. I served it with quinoa and sautéed spinach and arugula with parmesan cheese and garlic.

Glad to be back home! Be sure to check in tomorrow for more from Mardi Gras (including my epic seats for Enymion!). Have a happy hump day!


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  1. Ah, so jealous you got to be there for Mardi Gras! My uncle lives in NO so my sister and I got the royal treatment when we were there a few years ago for all the parades. We had front row seats (or a plot of land I guess) for Endymion but it was so cold and rainy all night. Even so, there's nothing like a Mardi Gras parade :)


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