Monday, April 14, 2014

the truth about finals

I've given up on weekend recaps, because who's kidding, I spent all weekend studying. I know no one cares about how obsessed law students are at finals time, but let me say: it is real.

- I'm wearing my glasses because the bags under my eyes are horrendous. No amount of benefit concealer will fix it. So I didn't even try.

- I carried a 16 oz of fruit juice, 16 oz of coffee, and 24 oz of water to my first class. Hydration energizes, right? Wrong. It makes you have to pee.

- I'm now carrying flashcards in my purse because they are my security blanket. I'm also praying osmosis works, because I haven't read them near enough.

- On Saturday night, the only thing I could think of making for dinner was oatmeal. Thankfully, AR did the meal planning for our grocery trip yesterday. Otherwise we would still be eating oatmeal.

- I didn't do my long run yesterday because I studied from 8-8. What am I becoming?

Happy Monday! I am planning on continuing my study sesh before heading home around 8 tonight. On the menu for dinner: pumpkin soup and tomato-cheese Paninis. #comfortfood

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