Friday, April 11, 2014

5 on Friday

Hello all and happy weekend! I am linking up with the lovely ladies for a little 5 on Friday and keeping things completely random. Sometimes I like to have a theme, but due to finals, I am a little all-over the place :) (Let's be honest, it isn't finals. I am always a bit all-over the place). Anyways, here we go!

1. First Stella & Dot purchase! Last weekend I went to a lovely Stella & Dot party and bought my first item. I know, I am late to the party. I was so in love with almost everything and nearly talked myself into buying 500 little patterned poofs.

I ended up buying this cute little ring and it came in the mail yesterday (with a Nordstrom catalog. Win). But can I confess - I think they are a little pricey? I was kind of surprised by their prices, but maybe the quality is worth it.

2. I had a horrific sweet tooth last night and ate 5 mini marshmallows before realizing they were stale. And I ate a 6th one before throwing them away. Seriously.

3. I am out of so much make-up, but haven't made the trip to Sephora/Ulta in ages. One of my weekend goals is to go there before I become a hot mess. On a positive note, I've learned I like a lot of Target-sold make-up products! On the down side, my Smashbox bronzer is irreplaceable and I look like a ghost without it.
4. AR appears to have forgiven me for the couch incident. If you missed this, I got hot pink Essie polish on a new leather couch. Oops. But the nail polish is gone and all is new again. Word to the wise: acetone-free nail polish remover will save you.

5. Next weekend AR is talking a work trip to NYC and I can't go because I need to study for finals. How sad is my life? I have to turn down a paid trip to NYC because I have to learn the law. I told him to think of me while reliving all of my favorite Sex and the City moments.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Those poofs!!!! They get me every time!! :) :)

  2. Your marshmallow incident made me laugh...I've totally been there (but mine was with some leftover cake!). Hope you had a great weekend!


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