Friday, May 2, 2014

5 on Friday

Linking up with the lovely Natasha for a little 5 on Friday!

1. Today is my last exam of 1L year. 
While Law school has got nothing on my time Teach for America, the year has still been extremely exhausting and challenging. I've studied more this year than in my entire life. I've also made some incredible friends. So happy this year is done, but so happy it happened. Law school is so competitive and this quote from Sequins and Things totally summed up my thoughts and feelings on it.

2. This weekend I have a major project with an awesome reward!
AR and I are cleaning out our closets on Saturday, with plans for a shopping trip on Sunday afternoon. I'm planning on trying things on with a critical eye and making some space it that room.
I really need to stock my closet for summer. After dressing as a First Grade Teacher for 2 years, then as a law student (read: exhausted bum), I am excited to be back in an office for my internship. I'm hoping to snag a few pencil skirts and a good gray blazer at the J.Crew and Banana Republic outlets.

3. I'll be making these again.
These whole wheat biscuits have become a weekend must in my home - and I finally posted the recipe yesterday. I'll be baking them tomorrow morning with scrambled eggs and fruit :)

4. Plus a hair cut!
And I am finally getting my hair cut! For those who don't know, I usually get my trims done at the Aveda beauty school. Don't be concerned, they do an excellent job and the instructor always checks more closely than an actual stylist. And it is only $12.
But I am actually getting a real hair cut this weekend. My sweet friend made appointments for both of us, so it will be a fun girls day!

5. Snapshots from last weekend.
Last weekend I celebrated the first half of finals with an excellent dinner at Ecco. Thanks to those who gave input on my outfit choice - I went with the brocade shorts (even though it is April) - a perk of living in the south!

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  1. Congrats on finishing your first year!! That's so exciting and a huge accomplishment!

    I found you through the link up! I hope you have a great weekend! :)


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