Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Summer Beauty Buys

Summer Beauty Tries

I've been researching new products to try for summer for a while now. I like my skin care routine, but I think my skin needs a little oomph right now, especially with all the sun exposure and sunscreen applications. After reading a million reviews, talking to the people at Ulta, and watching Jacklyn Hill's you-tube channel, I am ready! Here are my purchases:

1. Mario Badescu Cucumber Lotion: This is a cleansing lotion I plan to use at night after washing with my Cetaphil, but before moisturizing. Jacklyn Hill has featured this on her videos several times, so I am hoping it helps me get extra clean before bed. 

2. Mario Badescu eye cream. I *gasp* don't wear eye cream, but I need to start, especially because I stare at a computer/book so much of the day. This is from Jacklyn Hill too. It says it can be used day and night, but I will probably stick to night only right now. I don't want my eye make-up to melt off. 

3. Mario Badescu drying cream. I LOVE the drying cream by Kate Sommersville, but it is pricey. This one is much cheaper, but reviews say it is the same. We will see!

4. Smashbox High Definition Concealer. This stuff is doing wonders. No creasing, awesome coverage, and very easy to blend. I like to get my under eye concealer a little lighter because it provides a highlight under my eyes. I highly recommend this product, at is it only about $22. That is a lot for a concealer, I know, but this is much cheaper than the Amazing Cosmetics cult-product, but I like it even more. I think concealer is worth the investment. Cut costs on things like mascara and liner, but invest in face products. 

5. Olay BB Cream. First, this is $11. The Smashbox one I used for a while was like 4x the costs and not near as good. It made me feel like I had tar on my face. This one has a good SPF, stays put, and looks natural. No, this isn't new, but I am still obsessed with it for summer. I've been using this since January and still have a bunch in the tube. Love that. I recommend this for a lighter, day makeup. I plan to wear it to work and everything, because the coverage is good enough. 

6. Covergirl Perfect Blend Eye Liner. This is my summer liner because it has great staying power. I just don't think eye liner is something I need to invest in. They all seem pretty similar to me. This one blends really nicely, and is only a few dollars at Target. And who doesn't love an excuse to go to Target?


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