Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Confessional

Hello all! Can someone tell me how August is already over? What the heck happened? One minute, everyone was wearing sundresses, and now the girls at school are wearing boots (It is still 90*+ here, so they might be a little ahead of themselves...).

I am sharing some of my Friday Confessions today with the beautiful Leslie at A Blonde Ambition. Yesterday I shared my Fall Style Must-Haves, so I'll keep with the seasonal theme today.

I confess.... that I do not love PSL. There. I said it. Everyone is all excited about the pumpkin spice latte being released early, and I am still sitting here asking for a soy misto. Every once in a blue moon, I might reach for a chia latte, but I really don't ever want a PSL. Sorry :(

I confess... that I am dying to paint my nails a dark color. Is it too early?

I confess.. that I do not understand fall style in the south. This is my fourth September in the South, and I am still confused. Back un north, is was easy. We grabbed swears and boots and it was perfect. Here, I could grab sweaters and boots, but I would be sweating and gasping for air.

Speaking of the South, I confess that... I miss Texas. I am going there for a night next week and once the trip was planned, I got SO excited. I guess I missed the state more than I imagined.

I confess that... I skipped my run yesterday. Which means I had to do it this morning (Friday is usually my rest day). And I took FORTY-FIVE minutes to get out the door. You could say I have a serious case of "I-don't-ever-wanna-run-again." Please, fall temperatures come quickly.

I confess that... I had a serious gab sesh with my girlfriend Kathryn last night. AR called during it and after talking to him for a few minutes, I was like "I really have to go, Kathryn and I were discussing Disney's High School Musical." Thank heavens for girlfriends :)

If you could have a fall shopping spree at one store, which store would you pick? 



  1. Visiting from Leslie's blog! Oh, I'd definitely choose Old Navy right now--they have the best plaid shirts, chambray dresses, and corduroy pants. And their scarves are on point, too! I'm not a fan of PSL, either...gasp, I know! I feel like that makes me a bad blogger! I'm totally anticipating some cooler weather...fall fashion is my favorite but there's no way I am grabbing sweaters and boots anytime soon here in MS! Happy Friday!

    1. I am so glad I am not the only one who feels like this about PSL!!! We are few in numbers ;) Hope you are enjoying the long weekend!

  2. I love old navy, i would choose them anyway

    1. They have some great fall pieces! I got an olive green parka there at the end of the season and I cannot wait to wear it this winter!


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