Thursday, August 28, 2014

{Fall} Sweaters, Boots, & Jackets

The blog world is blowing up over autumn. 

Here it is, not even September, and we all want to make pumpkin muffins and wear sweaters. 

I am no different, but living in Atlanta, I know I have a long wait until the sweaters come out. Until then, I am baking pumpkin treats and pinning fall looks to my Pinterest boards (<-- thank heavens for my imaginary life on Pinterest). 

This fall, I have several must-have items

Majorly distressed denim. I just really love big sweaters with faded, distressed denim. 

Dark nail polish. Yes, it shows chips faster than anything, but it is just so beautiful. This is Carry On, by Essie. It is one of my absolute favorites. 

A fur vest. I confess, I never bought one last fall and regretted it deeply. This year, a fur vest is a MUST for me. 

Sweater & Scarf combos. I could probably wear a different scarf every day of the month and not have to repeat. I own so so many, yet I still love them. I'll be shopping for more :) 

This is from Anthro and I am obsessed. LOVE. 
 Rain boots. I bought my Hunters last winter and they were the most-worn item i my closet, hands down. I have worn them so many times, and I know this fall will be no different. It rains so much in Atlanta, perhaps I should get another pair!

I have this color and I feel like they are so perfect with everything.

Do you have a fall must-have list going? 
What are you *dying* to wear out of your closet?


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