Monday, August 25, 2014

Marathon Training: Wk 12

So I didn't fall this week, which means maybe I should consider is a success. Though, as I sit at school, my wound on my left knee is bleeding through my white pants right now, which is attractive. Cuts on knees take forever to heal.

M - rest and felt bad for myself because my hands were so cut up.

T - 5 miles. I went to the gym for this and almost stopped. I started hobbling through the run and wondered if I could make it. Sure enough, a few miles in and I felt better. Sometimes you just have to push.

W - 8 miles. It was long and after 5 hours of interviews. About a 9:15 pace.

Th - 4 miles, nothing interesting about them.

F - 8 miles. This was also long and before a day of interviews. I ran at 1pm and hand not had lunch yet, so by the time I was done, I was a little light headed. I was supposed to do this Saturday, but my schedule wouldn't allow. My legs were pretty sore, by I was surprised by the amount of energy I had!

S - Rest

S - 18 miles. Oh. My. Gosh. This was really horrendous. It was already 78* when we left and I had little sleep the previous two nights. I also had like zero fueling options at home. The first 12 miles were fine, I stopped to refill my water bottle at mile 13 and went to the bathroom (thank you Starbucks!!!). Then it went downhill. 

AR had a lot of pain from his 8 miles the day before, so we walked for a minute, which completely derailed our run. Isn't it weird how a walking break can be so bad for your run?

We had been holding an okay pace, considering the heat and 65% humidity, but we had trouble getting back up to speed. We made it through another 3.5 miles and then both were completely done. It was so hot at that point and I wanted to just go home. We run-walked the last little bit and were SO relieved when our watches chirped for 18.

Poor AR was so nauseous after our run... We pulled on compression gear and rested for a bit... I made a protein shake and had no appetite.

My very attractive outfit for brunch!
We finally went to brunch at like 2pm and then didn't eat again until almost 9pm. Somehow, running in the heat just kills my appetite. I try to make up for it the day afterwards though! (can you say peanut butter??)

Not my favorite week, but all we have left are two 20 milers and a few shorter runs!! I am so relieved because I did not want to do another 18 miler after yesterday.

We are considering changing our second 20 miler into a 22 miler, but we will see. AR would really like to, just as a confidence boost, but I am not so sure. Maybe if it cools down a bit.

How is your training going? 
Can you take walking breaks on your run, or does is mess your run up?


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