Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Confessions

Friday, you have finally arrived! Linking up with the gorgeous Leslie for a little Friday Confessions.

1. I confess that it took me like 25 minutes to pick out a nail color yesterday at the salon. First, I picked out my colors. With all my interviews coming up, I wanted something light and neutral for my fingers and something fun for my toes (which will be hidden). But after the original colors, I changed my mind. Like 4 more times. Mind you, I was holding 10 bottles of neutral pale pink that all looked the SAME. Really, no one can probably tell the difference between Bubble Bath and Ballet Slippers. *sigh* I went with ballet slippers. 

2. I confess that I did not drink any coffee yesterday or Tuesday and it was sad. It isn't that I need the caffeine. I often only have one cup. I just like the flavor and the activity of drinking coffee. So I am drinking some right now. 

3.  I confess that I wore a plastic bag on my head yesterday. In public. While at the nail salon, it started pouring. Of course, my umbrellas were all in the car. So my friend Luci and I grabbed plastic bags and tied the over our head and hair. I had just washed my hair and really didn't want to do it again today... I pray no one I know saw me walking downtown with a bag over my head. 

4. I confess that I ran all my miles this week and feel horrific. This is not the part in the marathon training plan that makes you feel awesome. It is the part that makes you feel so sore you want to cry. I got in the car for Barre one day this week and thought "nope, not happening" and went back home. 

5. I confess that I have had the same breakfast every day this week and I don't mind. Homemade granola, yogurt, fruit, chia seeds, and hemp hearts. So good. 

What is your go-to nail color? 

Happy weekend!


  1. I hear ya on the nail polish- it is hard. I always think I dont have enough but then I dont want to buy anything more.
    Have a great weekend, I am your newest follower from the link up

    1. Thanks for reading! I seriously cannot go shopping for nail polish without buying several. And then I buy things that already look like colors I own!!

  2. It took me forever to pick out nail color yesterday too!! I chose a light pink as well. I'm hoping I can keep it on longer to save some money (;
    How do you make your own granola? I tried and I don't love the recipe I used.

    1. I am so glad I am not the only indecisive one, Leslie!!! I hope the light pink lasts for a while, but knowing me, I will probably chip it :P

  3. i am desperate for a manicure! i'm terrible about picking colors though, and usually end up with buyer's remorse the next day. it seems like such a big decision!


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