Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Confessions

Friday Confessions. Oh Yes. So so many.

1. I confess that tomorrow is my orientation for the JUNIOR LEAGUE of ATLANTA!!! I am so so excited. I went to my first event with them about 4 months ago and have been so excited to join since. Any fellow JL members?

2. I confess that I am addicted to the Urban Decay Make-up Setting Spray. Now sure why it took me so long to try this product, but I love it. It makes my make-up look more evenly set and it stays! I am not very oily or shiny, but in the Atlanta humidity, my make-up can melt. I sprayed this stuff on my face on Tuesday at 8:30 and it was still going strong 12 hours later. Love that.

3. I confess that I have not cooked a meal this week, unless I count Sunday. I've lived off leftovers and yogurt. And veggie burgers that I heat up (I don't count those as cooking). I am going to remedy that this weekend, I promise.

4. I confess that I really think Chanel lipstick it amazing and better than my drugstore varieties. I wish I didn't feel this way. I wish I didn't have a Chanel lipstick to compare mine too. I should not have bought it.

5. I confess that I woke-up yesterday morning wanting to clean my apartment. Badly. How weird is that? I scrubbed for several hours and then walked to the gym feeling very accomplished.  I then proceeded to do very little for the rest of the day... oops.

6. I confess that I made reservations for tonight's dinner based completely on the dessert. This place has the most amazing ice cream made in house. The chocolate sea salt flavor it to die for. I'll be sticking to wine and ice cream, for sure.

7.  I confess that I am completely neurotic about ordering books for school. I obsessively monitor Ebay, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles... everyone. It's like my deal-finding prowess magnifies ten fold. Today I plan on placing my final orders. Maybe.

Anything you want to confess?


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